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A Re-seller buyer asked me for 5 day delivery extension

Hi all,
Just seeking advice from other kind sellers :smiley:

I delivered my order to a Re-seller buyer. Seems like their client is not responding, so they asked me to give them 5 days extension to review my order :sa:
Well, I have many other stuff to do and I am not happy to wait for another 5 days just to get some comments! But obviously, they will keep rejecting my order for 5 days until their “client” gets back to them so that they can give me comments.

What do you think regarding this? It was not mentioned in the beginning that they need 5 days, and I think it is against fiverr’s rules to keep rejecting the order just because the client is not responding.


How did you know that the buyer was a re seller? Hell if you tell me you are a re seller I would boot you.


They are not that bad my friend. They are constant buyers (although for lower price), you will have times where there are no orders, but these guys always there.

She told me the video is for her client, and you can always check their profile ans see what they sell.

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Now what will happen if the client cancels the order, will your buyer also cancel the order she placed with you. (although at lower prices). Meaning you reduce your price because she is a reseller? Every customer whether reselling or not should pay your full price.

If the client cancel the order, still she needs to pay me. I charge the same price (say $25 per video) but she charge her client way more (like $100).

Most resellers are a pain in the neck… as evident by the problem you’ve described in your post.


Yes most of them are. But if you can reach the few good ones, that will make your life much easier :slight_smile:

There’s an old saying here in the US… you get what you’re willing to put up with!

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I think you should put a disclaimer on your gig for future purchases. You will need to charge $5 per day beyond xx days to resellers.

In this case, if she’s a great buyer who leaves good reviews & tip, for good will - give her the extension. If she’s always a pain, this is a great chance for you to get rid of her.


That’s a good idea but not possible on the Seller’s end that I know of.


Let them reject the order and then just forget about it until they get back to you. I occasionally get people like this. Usually, they are non-native English speakers who come back to me a week after delivery saying, “our client don’t like youre copywright.”

I just say tough.

A lot of resellers are very nice to work with. Some, however, you do need to let know that you don’t have time for their business problems.

What you might want to watch out for here also, is a scammer long con. I used to have a buyer who rejected every delivery but didn’t specify why. They would then order more work and reject that too without saying why. I ended up with 3 orders like this, all of which I had to keep on redelivering in mad revision tennis. I won in the end and started cancelling all future orders from this person. - Also, I kind of rained hellfire on them for an order which they did get away with without paying for by shopping their antics to their end client.

Anyway, just stay safe and remember that if you don’t receive any specific revision feedback, you are fine to redeliver the work at any point after you have sent a polite reminder for such information. And then redeliver again and again if you have to.


The reason everyone does not resell work is specifically this type of issue.

The reseller has a contract with you.
The reseller has a contract with their client.
There is no contract between you and their client and so there can be no correlation or effect on each other.
If you deliver your order as per your client’s (reseller) specifications then nothing anyone else says should affect that and your job is done. What the reseller is doing is trying to make his problem into your problem. You have a choice to let them do that or not.

I resell things quite often as part of packages and sometimes it doesn’t work out well and I have to bin stuff and take a hit on my profits. That’s part of the business and not something I would ever think should be the seller’s problem. If I need changes done a week later because of some reasons then I will pay the seller what the right fee is to do the changes. End of.

Resellers can be great or a pain but the reality is that you set the rules for your gigs, not the reseller and definitely, definitely not their client!


"Let them reject the order and then just forget about it until they get back to you"
But in this case my order will be marked as late which will affect my rating somehow I guess, no?

Thanks sharing your experience.

What she is doing is basically copy pasting what her buyer told her, if the buyer comes back and says the work needs modification. What will stop that reseller from telling you the same thing she has been told?
Now if the reseller is making you wait until her buyer replies, send her a delivery extension request this way you won’t get any late deliveries.

Absolutely nothing!
IF we want to reject the “resellers” orders, then that will add on our “canceled orders” number which is not good as far as I know.
That’s why we (the sellers) want a way to accept and reject orders! Just like as the buyers do.

I have all the contacts information of the client, I am thinking of contacting them and sell them my product directly :smiling_imp:
Do you think this Is against Fiverr’s rules by any chance?

Yes, it’s against Fiverr rules and asking that pretty much guarantees that any buyers reading that will not buy from you.


I will be happy if such buyers keep themselves away from me :slight_smile:
Man, she even sent me a message saying:
“You should be happy that I’m asking you to send me a delivery extension, cause we can just leave it as it is and the delivery time will be time which will affect your score.”

I would report them to CS.
What they are talking about is an abuse of the Request Revisions button.
From the Terms of Service:

Buyers may use the “Request Revisions” feature located on the Order page while an order is marked as Delivered if the delivered materials do not match the seller’s description on their Gig page or they do not match the requirements sent to the seller at the beginning of the order process.

Requesting to gain more services from sellers beyond the agreed requirements by using the Request Revisions button is not allowed.


Thanks for bringing that up!
Golden info :smiley:

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