A really bad week


Nevermind me, I’ll just vent for a bit.

The current overall situation around my country is, should I say, shaky like it hasn’t been in years and there are reasons to be very concerned.

Both of my cats are down with some mysterious and quite violent disease that is either an allergic reaction or a virus infection. It takes days to effing get the bloodwork results done and boy do cats have some really homicidal viruses that can kill them in very short periods of time. And I’m told to “observe” and wait for the results.

Then there is this one buyer who thinks admitting she has no idea what she wants makes her charming. She puts smiley faces at the end of her sentences, sends out instructions that contradict one another and thinks that revisions are full-blown redesigns. I’m so deep into this project with no vision or insight, it starts to feel like a maze I’m stuck in. I have no idea how to get out of the project without exploding and saying things that’ll get me banned.

There is this other guy I’m 7 orders in who bought 7 posters, printed one with his office inkjet printer on a regular paper and is now concerned that the gradients look “off”. There is a dark cellphone photo of the gradient in question as a proof. Hopefully, he’ll get an official test printout from the actual printer he’ll be ordering the entire set from and it’ll turn out fine for his taste because if not, again, I’m 7 orders deep with this guy. 2 of the orders are still in progress. I now have no idea what to do with them.

And the third one is your classic “something is missing” guy. It’s the entire revision, btw. I got back to him with: “Your reference and initial request was to create something minimalistic”. He said, “I know, but still something is missing. Thanks anyway! :slight_smile: “ (It’s the entire second revision and a direct quote, smiley face and all). I have no idea what I should deliver.

I maybe have 10 hours of sleep total in the last 3 days between the vet clinics, reading the news and dealing with this continuous onslaught of a professional mess that I swear has gotten worse and more bizarre than I remember it ever being.

I am, admittedly, stressed and sleep deprived and maybe I’m imagining things but it feels to me that the wave of you rising prices to weed out the most unreasonable buyers and protect yourself from undesirable situations that used to work so well has passed and now you just get someone unreasonable x 10 who goes by: “Well, I’m paying you good money, so…” and all the fun that comes with it. By “good money” I mean $50-$100, we’re not talking about some astronomical budgets here.

If somehow magically I’ll manage to make all of this work without a single cancellation and/or crawling into the darkest corner to cry, I’ll be so impressed with myself.


In England we have a saying
“Don’t suffer fools gladly”
Your health and your pets health trump any gig shenanigan’s.


If you have previously allowed your cats to drink milk, you might want to try and get hold of some non-pasteurized goats milk or yogurt and feed it to them. Goats milk is the ultimate superfood for dogs and cats as it is the closest thing to mum dog and cat milk. I’ve turned to it several times with my wee man Chico and the results have been pretty astonishing.

The only downside is that you really need to know a goat farmer. I think in Ukraine, though, you still have a vibrant local supply of homegrown/non-supermarket produce?

To be honest, if you are this down, you should consider cancelling a few orders if you need to.

I wouldn’t worry about this. You have delivered 5 orders and your buyer can’t ask that you cancel. It boggles my mind how some people who order creative media can think its okay to get a refund if something doesn’t print correctly in real life. I’ve used real word print companies. I’ve worked with rubbish companies and good ones. Never, though, did I blame my graphic designer when things went awry.

One thing you could possibly take from this is that it might be in your interest to source a print company locally. You could then offer (for a fee) to provide print versions of your products via mail. This way you would have complete control over the design and print process. - Of course, I’m very aware that doing this would be much easier said than done.

Political unrest… Yes, the world is a nightmare and I don’t envy where you are. (At least not in that sense). Just switch of the news. There is never anything good on, anyway. Then just hunker down with your cats.

Also, I just remembered that the last time Chico was sick, I had to give him store bought goats yogurt due to my local farmer passing away. He seemed to bounce back as well as he does with the milk. In this case, don’t stress if you can’t find anything 100% organic.

You have my fingers crossed for you and I hope you and all your furry family feel better soon! :sunny:


You need some good sleep and healthy cats. Everything else will become much easier again then. Wishing you that it will happen soon and good luck with that and with all the other things. :hugs:
And don’t forget to celebrate with some good food for yourself and the cats when you’re over the worst. Add some nice drink if you manage to keep your stats up in the face of adversity too!


I’m sorry for what is happening in your country but as @cyaxrex said, forget about the news and try to live your life, otherwise, between the news stressing you and your sleep deprivation, you’ll get sick, so do what @miiila adviced you, you need to sleep!

Not only good for animals but also for humans! People have rediscovered this but it has been used since ever by people living in european mountain villages - just an example, northern part of Italy.


The “I don’t know what I want” buyer wrote me: “I think this is what I was asking for BUT…” and this just knocked all the fight out of me. I don’t have much of it left but this is seriously something special.

We’ve entered the territory when I’m being paid for more work but I don’t want the money because I have no idea where this is going and when this is going to end. The buyer, by her own admission, doesn’t know either. This is a legitimate buyer, btw, I’ve worked with her before. Not a scammer, a competitor or anything like that, a legit person who thinks this is a proper and productive way to go.

I wrote her a lengthy message with an explanation how fiverr worked, how I worked and what reassurances I needed to take a final version into works and of course there is no answer for the time being. I’ll be just redelivering the version which by her own admission is what she wanted (buts excluded) if I don’t receive an answer in the next few days.

Thank you for your support, btw. Literally any pep talk helps.


Refund her before doing any work. If you’ve already done the work, refund her still. Don’t waste your time with CS, their policy is “work with your buyer.” If she messages you outside your order, block her.

Tell the guy to print his posters at FEDEX, the place that used to be called Kinkos. Printing is tricky.

Good luck


It’s actually a very good responsible solution but unfortunately, it’ll work for Pro prices only, just for the hassle of it all. These situations I’m currently in are, fortunately, very rare. I think I’ve had one other buyer who claimed he saw “ink spots” on the logo and to this day I have no idea what he meant by it.

We’re so into this hipster organic scene these days, you have no idea. :slight_smile: They’re both on a strict diet until the results are in but I’ll be definitely diversifying the menu as soon as the worst scenarios are out of the way. They love 'em some yogurt, though.

This is the only time when I’m actually grateful I went from 16 orders a week in August to 10-12 orders a week in September and forwards. Otherwise, I’d probably just have a breakdown.

I keep telling myself that if the worst case scenario ever happens I’ll be aware and pretty fast so I can just close all the news tabs and go to a bar and ignore the collective neurosis. It is a challenging attitude to accept but I’m really trying.

Thank you for all the words. I mean it.



Imagine a feather that rises when you exhale, and lowers when you inhale. Keep it in the air.

Even when it feels like everything against you, you can do this. Just take one step at a time.

You can’t control anyone else, but you can control you, even in a bad situation like this.


I’m so having a few beers tonight, you have no idea. I didn’t even have time to knock down an IPA or two this week. I’ll just push some meds down the cats’ throats and will be ready to go.

Thank you very much. :slight_smile:


This is probably what ends up happening with her. I did quite an extensive amount of work, all paid for, but there is no end to it and I don’t want the money at this point.

Well, he found the dude who’s a friend of a dude who’s brother is running a cheap printing shop and here we are. I sent him to order another test copy elsewhere so we’ll see how that goes.


I recommend a Newcastle Brown Ale…
You may not get up again :laughing:


Hello, I’m so sorry about all this. Sometimes things seem to pile up. I’m sending you and your cats much love.


I am sorry for all if the issues causing you stress. That is not fun to deal with st all! I am sending positive vibes your way. Take care of yourself and your kitties.


Wow! This is really an interesting post. …
As a new seller, my second order was very similar to your tales. At first the buyer wanted a logo with a picture or some sort of Images included in the design. After I delivered two well thought out design concepts to him with all the files included , he later said that it wasn’t what he was looking for at all.
All he later said was that he just wanted to play with the font style instead of the actual logo itself.
As a new seller with second order, it was very intimidating to me and its makes so unprofessional and it’s was if I didn’t even know what I was designing.
Thank God I was later able to settle with him and get things done the way he wanted. Despite the fact that the work was far more than $5 I couldn’t ask for additional fees but I later Got my 5 star review anyway.
So, back to your story, I usually thought that this kind of issues happens mostly to new sellers only but I’m however enlightened with this your post.
Wishing you success ahead…


What about softproofing eg. in photoshop? Would that help?


I hear you, and it’s sad that this is a repeat customer and not a first time buyer, but sometimes that happens. Amazingly, sometimes they order again, even after you gave them a refund. I had one client like this.

5 stars
5 stars
1 star
5 stars

Some buyers are crazy.


@fastcopywriter I’ve cancelled more than one order from a repeat buyer asking them to find another seller who could help them more than I can and they immediately placed more orders–multiple orders. This has happened several times with different buyers.


If a bad buyer ever messages you, before he orders, make sure you block him. I heard a rumor that if you block a message sender, he can’t order your gig.

As for me, I’m not too angry because I got mostly 5 stars, sometimes tips. I’ve had worst experience, I had someone who ordered three times and cancelled three times, so I told her to stop ordering.


Hi @fastcopywriter

Blocking buyers through Inbox doesn’t prevent them from ordering, just from messaging you.

For not ordering, you can only block those who have already ordered from you and only after the order has been finished either by cancellation or by being marked as complete.