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A really bad week


Wow I apologize. I am sending you lots of love and good energies toward your way!


Among my previous/return customers, I see the block option only for a few of them (not all). lol. This is so confusing. :no_mouth:

Maybe it doesn’t show the block button on the profiles of your “previous”/return customers if you have an ongoing active order with them. :thinking: Makes sense tbh.

Would the block button return to the buyer’s profile as soon as the order gets completed? hmm… gotta check :slight_smile:

However, I can at least see the report option on all profiles. Thank God!


For me, yes. Profiles of buyers with completed orders have both Report and Block button, profiles of buyers with active orders only the Report button.

What I’m missing most, though, is a Block button on profiles of people who have not yet ordered. Typically, it’s not former buyers I’d want to block but people who message in a way that you know they are going to be trouble, like order something that’s against the ToS to do, or something else that your gigs don’t offer.


So true. That’s what we sellers have been “lobbying” for on the forum — for so long, right? :slight_smile:

However, it was a great first step for Fiverr to have introduced the “block all future orders from certain previous buyers” feature (or should I say “re-introduced”? cuz I heard someone say Fiverr had a similar kinda feature in the past). But they need to do more… :smile:


Yes, the thing is that for a while, I already did see the Block button on profiles of some people who’d only messaged and not yet bought, so I was wondering why I don’t anymore.


Or even some buyers who post on the forum, appear to be very unpleasant, and make every seller who reads their posts hope that they never order from them.


Hang in there @lenasemenkova. Sending you and your cats lots of love.
Hope your buyer situation works out for you as well!

PS: I don’t know if you’re a fan of it, but ice-cream really helps lift my mood up. I would tell you to eat a bit of your favourite comfort food and get some solid sleep, like the others have said. If you’re able to, try going a day without Fiverr (if your schedule permits). A small break from the site always helps. :slight_smile:


I’ve been following the post, and I’m hoping things will go better for you this week. Keeping you and your feline friends in my thoughts.


Unfortunately, both cats tested positive for coronavirus which, in its passive form can pose no danger and in its active form is a 100% death sentence. The allergy symptoms don’t match the active form and can be a separate thing, however, and it’s the hope I’m clinging to. Still feels like a blow in the face.

Thank you for the kind words, I honestly appreciate it.


The thing to always hold onto with pets, is the fact that there are never any certainties and love and affection really can work wonders.

My dog Chico was a lost cause when I got him. Then he turned into a top dog. Then he was hit by a car and in my mind there was no way we were coming back from that. If he was a human, he’d never heal. (Al least that’s what you would have thought looking at him.) 2 months later, he was taking his first tentative steps outdoors again.

Also, if it helps, I did work in a vets once and there was a running joke that the only way cat bones don’t heal is if you place them in separate rooms. Their powers of recovery are pretty incredible.

You’ve got the love. Your cats have you. Keep focusing on that. :slight_smile:


My cat, Skat, died right before we moved back to Arkansas. We were making plans to bring him with us and the day before we went and got the cat carrier, he was hit by a car. They ran him over - his back legs were pretty much gone. He hid under my neighbor’s car and they came and got me. When I called to him - to coax him out - he literally dragged himself out to me. I was in tears.

While I’ve had many cats in my lifetime, this one tore me up. He would come to me when I called him - he loved the outdoors, as his momma was a stray who ended up adopting us as her family and he was skittish initially of us. Whenever I saw a car and saw him, I would say Stop Skat, and he’d listen, waiting for the car to pass. When I said, all clear, he’d rush over to me.

I miss that little kitty of mine. As cyaxrex said, focus on the love you have.