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A Reason for Happy


Dear Fiverrs,

Today I received a message from my client. It was amazing. He has said,

"Well, it’s been over a year, but finally, I have photos of our FOOD TRUCK that you created the logo for! We have had AMAZING business and are looking to open a second truck! Everyone loves our logo and everyone knows who we are because of it."

As a LOGO Designer, there is no reason to happy more than this… :-bd

Below are the photos he sent.


Congratulations :slight_smile:


That’s great to see an end result to your work. So often, you just send stuff off and never know what happens to it later. I’m sure you have a huge feeling of satisfaction from this update! That was nice of them to stay in touch with you like that.



As a designer I understand what you feel!!

Keep up the good work!


This is great!


OMG! that is so amazing. Seeing your craft being used by clients. So much to be proud of :slight_smile:




Congratulations! Feedback of that sort would keep me happy for days. :slight_smile:


Yes, It was amazing. I can’t express my feeling. Thank you all.


Wow!!! Looks amazing!!! I can really understand how you feel as I am a designer!!!


Reply to @lucky_1992: Yes Lucky. Thanks.


That’s just awesome! It’s so cool to see how much it’s helped your client! My main business is writing plot outlines, and I do a lot of other writing as well as promoting people’s books. It would be awesome to see one of my clients publish a best seller using an outline I wrote for them! :slight_smile:


What a spectacular job, you have accomplished!!! :slight_smile: Congratulations.


Great job… Thanks for sharing your feelings… Congrats… :slight_smile:


Reply to @surfdude001: Thank you


Reply to @zenart: Thank you


Reply to @writeitnow_: I wish you to come it true.


This made my day! So much feels and happy vibe! Happy for you! And now it made me excited & I’m looking forward to seeing my works in action one day