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A reason to why my account Disabled

A story

My account was disabled yesterday. I contact customer support and ask why they do so. They answer after one an hour and tell me that The withdrawal Provider that I added to my Fiverr account is also linked to another Fiverr account. And that is true. I don’t have Payoneer or Paypal account so, i added my Friend’s account for first withdraw. So they Disabled my acco_

“Multiple Fiverr accounts associated with a single withdrawal provider will also be permanently disabled.:”


Why would your friend put his/her account in danger by giving his/her payment provider info? Surely he/she must have known the rules of multiple accounts…

Also, when Fiverr disables an account because of “multiple accounts” rule, it disables all accounts - so I assume your friend’s account was also disabled?..

Anyway, you could try to explain Fiverr what really happened, and ask them to either reinstate your account, or ask them for approval to open a clean new account.


It is Luck that my Friend’s account going well.

I already explain to Fiverr But they replied that this account :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Permanently Disabled


In that case, you can only ask them for approval to open a clean new account and using your payment provider. If not, then I’m afraid that’s the end of the line :frowning:

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Is there a need to get approval.

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Of course, because every new account you create after being banned will soon be banned, too. I’ve seen it happen with others, so it’s a matter of time until your new account will also be banned.

You are not allowed to create another account after being banned, because that’s the purpose of a ban: to prevent you from creating another account. Which is why you need approval from CS to do this.

If everyone who was banned would create a new account, the ban would be useless.


At least your friends account is still going so you and your friend can still work on fiverr.


No! Why would you even give such advice? This is wrong since it’s an abuse by trying to circumvent the system and the imposed restrictions.

A ban is permanent, and no other accounts should be created without Fiverr’s approval, otherwise Fiverr will keep removing the newly created accounts.


It’s amazing how many people from certain parts of the world all have friends who work on Fiverr who they know in real life and who they are perfectly happy to send all their earnings to in trust that they will get these handed over later.

It sounds like a beautiful happy place where everyone runs around holding hands with faries.


and get another BAN :no_entry_sign:


Contact Customer Support, tell them what you did (it’s far better than getting caught breaking the rules again), and ask them for approval and advice.

Of course, also use your own PayPal or Payoneer account for withdrawals, not someone else’s, so you don’t get banned again, and so you don’t put that person’s account in danger (you don’t want them to lose their source of income, right?).


Is this is true if I use my account in different PC my account will disable?

why is it so hard to get a paypal account for your self and if you can’t withdraw then send the funds to your friend thru paypal?

People who get in trouble with the rules here on Fiverr, sure do have a lot of “friends”. :wink:


Why would it be impossible to withdraw your funds from your own account? Paypal is easy to get.

We get one thread a day where someone is either asking how to get their funds from their banned account, asking for their friend how to do this, or saying they used their friends account to withdraw their funds and now they are banned.

Its ok in our part of world. Not just online earning we often exchange money and precious things through friends

Actually in some parts of world paypal isnt available but payoneer is available everywhere

I know, so they can use Payoneer.

definitely, and they should avoid such casual behavior in professional enviroment

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in some countries there is no way to withdraw funds from paypal and/or payoneer doesn’t offer service there, so i kind of get them but still…