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A recommendation for translators on Youtube

If you want to promote your Gigs on Youtube, I can give you some interesting tips:

  1. You can create and have two separated channels. The first one is all in English and the second one is all in Spanish (or the language you speak). However, experienced YouTubers helpers say that it´s better to have and focalize your effort in one channel because it will have more views. How? Easy: Upload one video in English and the same one again in the other language. Do it every time you upload a video or your audience will be confused and they´ll quit the subscription.

  2. Focus on one or two niches only. It is better if you pay all your attention in one niche because each one has different audiences. Some people don´t know this and that is the reason why they normally fail.

  3. You don´t need paid video editors, because the video quality isn´t important for this job. Movie Maker and Open Shot Video editor are the best free software that I recommend. The majority of free ones don´t have many resources or they were made for professionals or photographers.

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