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A recurring, irritating issue

As of recent, I’ve been receiving orders where, after their original delivery, the Buyer uses the one (1) free revision (that I provide for all my Gigs) to request work which lays outside the scope of the original order, or the information presented in the order requirements. As I type this, I’m reminded of an instance where the Buyer provided so much new, additional information that what I wrote essentially needed to be rewritten from scratch.

This is untenable, as it almost always results in me providing additional work free of cost. To my mind there are only 2 viable solutions:
a. Increase my prices to discourage this practice, or make it so I’m “compensated” when it occurs.
b. Stop offering any free revisions. (I don’t really want to do this, as it doesn’t seem equitable.)

Any suggestions?

You could put a note somewhere about what constitutes a revision/free revision.
Stopping offering any free revisions might lead to lower ratings, so probably at least 1 is best.


This, imo, is a good idea. You might see a considerable drop in the number of problematic buyers.

This is entirely up to you. I, however, offer… like… 1 or 2 free revisions (just in case). :wink:

This is against the ToS and is a reportable offense. You can and should report the buyer to Fiverr. In the meanwhile, you should continue redelivering the exact same thing without making any changes whatsoever.


If a buyer whom I have never worked with previously does this, I usually complete the so-called revision FOC without grumbling. If the same buyer returns and does the same thing a second time, I again complete the so-called revision. However, I also send a message with delivered work, explaining that this will be the last time I revise content FOC. I also point out that I do not offer revisions on my gigs.

I make it very clear that requesting extra work or giving me a new set of parameters after delivery, is not a reasonable revision request. If a buyer then places a third order and pulls the same stunt, I again complete the so-called revision. However, then I block them so that they can not order again.

My solution isn’t perfect. However, I have learned from experience that refusing a revision request like this can lead to orders getting canceled and revenge inspired reviews.


I recommend this to discourage “bargain hunters”.

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takes advantage of the revisions, to practically ask for something new, given that the changes in time are many compared with the initial information

I have a revision policy stated in my FAQ. It says that free revisions only cover minor additions or changes, changes in style, or addition of information they already asked me to include in their original request. It does not include major changes based on information that was not given when they ordered.

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