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A "refund" that's not a refund!


What absolute crap! I paid for a gig for my sister’s birthday. I rec’d repeated messages it was in production --with ever advancing timelines. The birthday came and went. No answer to my plaintive emails. Today --the day AFTER the birthday I get a “mutual cancellation” request, which of course I accept. My so-called refund is put in Fiverr credit --minus the “processing fee”. Are you friggin’ kidding me? I want a full refund. I will never use this service again. There needs to be a direct method for rating the services as well.


The refund issue is clearly written in the Terms of Service when you sign up and is not uncommon. Many sites and real stores will only give you store credit with refunds. I’m sorry about the birthday issue and all I can say is to report that part to Customer Service so they are aware. I understand the frustration and I’m starting to read ToS on anything I sign up for now after seeing a documentary about people click OK and don’t realize what they are agreeing to.

The credit issue here is fine with me since there are lots of gigs I would like to buy, and rather than outright lose your money you might as well use it to buy something else for yourself or your sister. Even if you don’t come back to Fiverr there are many great sellers and cool things to buy. You haven’t actually lost your processing fee. You don’t need it to make another purchase because they don’t charge you processing when you buy something from your credit. Just make sure you order a gig that is the same cost as your credit (or less.) Hang in there, one bad seller doesn’t make Fiverr all bad. (I’m not sure what you mean by “direct method for rating services” since we do have that.)


Sorry you are so frustrated, I totally understand…but as “fonthaunt” said those are the rules :o3


Reply to @rmor10: I’m not sure I follow you. Buyers pay a processing fee for any gig they purchase using an external payment source like PayPal, etc. It doesn’t imply anything about having your money returned to the payment source. If you get a refund on a gig you purchased the processing fee you already paid stays with Fiverr, but you won’t be charged for another fee when you spend the credit on another gig. So, you can get your money back in all cases but it comes back to your Fiverr account as credit for gig purchases. I don’t know of any Fiverr-accepted way to have your money refunded to your PayPal account or credit card.


did I read it wrong that you CAN get your money back but have to pay a processing fee ?


If you had paid from your Fiverr balance instead of PayPal, there would have been no processing fee. Gotta follow the rules or pay the consequences. All Fiverr buyers should be Fiverr sellers, that way they can save on fees by using their balances.


Great, credit on a BS site full of sellers that will in essence ruin your ecommerce site by spamming. I have a $20 credit with fiverr and I have no intention of using it, can we sell the credit somewhere? It’s useless to me because fiverr is full of rouges and thieves. If you don’t care about your site or Black hat is your goal it’s fine, but if you want white hat, you 'aint gonna get it for $5. Hey if you want high bounce rates from your site, go to fiverr.


You can contact Customer Support and ask them to send your funds back to your payment provider.


90% of these complaints could simply be solved if ppl bothered to READ the FAQ & TOS first couldn’t they font? :stuck_out_tongue:


Someone needs a snickers… :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you ever think about just selling one-liners?


I would but then my gig would probably get taken down for copyright infringement… :stuck_out_tongue:


Can you sell your credits on fiverr? This site is full of nothing but rouges and scam artists. $20 in credit where services will destroy your website is useless to me, but perhaps some other fool can buy my credit and ruin their own sites. Or perhaps it could be used as a form of attack on a competitor, just submit their website for backlinks and they’ll get penalized by google when the fiverr sellers ruin the credibility of that site. ■■■■ that’s actually not a bad idea! Use fiverr to destroy your competition by submitting their site for help with these liars on fiverr. I don’t really want to do that, but I do want to sell these credits, I have $20 worth that is valued at less than 1/100th of a cent in US currency. I want to sell the credit to someone who will use it. I will take a wild guess that this is against policy.


I did contact them, Their level of support doesn’t even award an inquiry with the courtesy of a response, they simply ignored my message completely.


I ordered something, seller refunded $30, I then ordered something for $60, and instead of using the credit in my account, they took another $60! Apparently, they will only take money from your holding account if it is less than your credit? Please give me my money back!


Yes, I know stores give a credit, but the store doesn’t say

‘If you spend more with us than your credit is worth, you can’t use it’ does it?

The store doesn’t say

‘if you want to use your $30 credit, you can’t if you’re buying something for $40’ does it?

nor does it say

‘you can use your $30 credit if you buy lots of little things that add up to $40’

It’s a scam, a free loan as it were. Imagine all the accounts with small amounts of cash in, I bet it adds up to a fortune. If your customers ask for their money back, do the right thing and refund them…


if you pay for your gig with fiverr credit then there is no processing fee.

Processing fee covers the fees the credit cards charge you/fiverr.

Let’s not forget that many of these gigs in the real world would cost you hundreds if not thousands.


I agree with you. This store credit thing is BS. I should have to option to have my credit used towards a new gig before taking money from another source. I also should have the option to return my money to my payment provider if I choose not to use the service. If its a refund then let me take my refund and go. Not be force to keep funds in account.


You agreed to Fiverr’s Terms of Service the moment you signed up for an account on the platform.


But that’s not fair!