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A regular buyer problem

I have a regular buyer (42 orders in 2 years). The last 2 projects that were ordered have been much more complex and detailed than usual.

I’ve sent an extra both times, explained why it was required and asked to contact me before any new purchases. The first time it went well: the person apologized, the offer was accepted, the order was complete.

Except, of course, they didn’t contact me before ordering an even more detailed work for a standard price. Again, I’ve sent an extra, explained why, etc., etc. They asked if they could leave a tip instead of accepting an extra because the project was urgent and they “will have the money on Monday”.

I agreed. Not the smartest move on my part but, again, 42 orders completed successfully with no incident. And it seemed silly for the person to put an end to a working relationship over $40.

They marked the order as complete on Monday, now it’s Wednesday and no tip was left. I’m surprised and not surprised at the same time. The more I think about it and the more time goes by, the more annoyed I get.

I realize that a promise to leave a tip is not binding in any way. So my knee jerk reaction is to leave them a message that I won’t be assisting them any further and to find another designer. Good luck, thank you for the good times and so on. Because I suspect they’ll just keep on ordering and pretending the conversation about the custom prices and extras never happened. And I’ll have to cancel orders.

But there is also a small chance that they could have forgotten. A tiny one. But I don’t know if there is an ethical (and safe from the ToS standpoint) way to remind them that I’m still waiting for that tip we agreed on.

And before the replies flow in:

  1. Yes, delivering before getting paid is bad, naive and stupid, don’t do it. It just seemed like a case where I could make an exception.

  2. Yes, a longterm collaboration like this is rare and difficult to build and should be valued. But that’s unless you’re being lied to and consistently expected to overdeliver.


Ohhhhhhhh, I’ve had similar problems before with a regular buyer.
In my case, I went ahead and took the risk and reminded the buyer that
he had forgotten to pay the extra.
I did make it sound like it was partially my fault for not reminding him
again when making the final delivery. I sounded overly apologetic.
Being a Japanese, saying sorry is my specialty :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
It did work, and he did pay.

Jokes aside, I really do understand your frustration and I hope you get your money.
I guess blocking him is not going to do anything, because he can still order
from you… :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


Hi Lena

This is a cr@ppy situation to be in - sorry this is happening to you.

My 2p:

You’re going to have to let this one go - I know it’s money, but I think you already know you’re not going to get that tip.

I think you’re coming up against the “familiarity breeds contempt” part of the relationship - you’re being taken for granted and that’s something you need to nip in the bud … as soon as poss.

Suck it up this time. However, remember you are running a business, not a charity.

Next time they order and add something to it, just send them an offer for an extra with a note saying something like " as indicated on previous occasions, this is an addition to your order and incurs an extra fee". Don’t explain, just send it to them with that kind of note.

If they object,just - tactfully! - tell them that yes, you appreciate their business … but only when it is business, not favours.

When they offer a tip instead because they don’t get paid until … whenever … tell them you’ll be glad to do the order for them when they can pay for it.

Keep the relationship businesslike - bear in mind that regulars are not your friends. Bear in mind they are still randoms on the internet, even though they are familiar randoms.

If they threaten to go elsewhere with their business … tell them that is their choice.

Be firm but polite.

You have boundaries - keep them maintained.


Personally I wouldn’t let this one go, nor ask for a tip. I’d simply sent a custom order, which works just as an invoice, for the remaining balance stating the work has been done already and that custom order shouldn’t produce any deliverable (or to be on the safer side just redeliver the same), but just make sure to detail as much as possible should anyone from Fiverr look over the messages.

If they ignore you or give you new excuses I wouldn’t even bother telling them to look elsewhere but just block them (I don’t think they can place new orders if blocked).

One thing I learnt from buying on Fiverr is much hard to find a good seller then it’s to find buyers. They’d be more sorry to see you go then the other way around.

I second this


I ended up sending them a message asking if they preferred me to send a custom offer as per agreed amount (message from, order number). I’m pessimistic about the whole ordeal but we’ll see, maybe they’ll surprise me in a good way.

New buyers always get so offended when you refuse to accept extras as tips. Gee, I wonder why.

Thanks everyone, it’s been a while since I vented here.


I would have gone ahead and sent it without asking if he preferred it. He needs you worse than you need him and he took advantage of you. That’s a tough spot to be in. So with that offer sent to him he knows he either pays it or does not order again and either way you are coming out ahead.

Your style is so unique he won’t find it easy to replace you.

Zeus has a great way of doing it too, the overly polite way which can be extremely charming. I wish I had some of what she has in that regard but I usually plunge ahead in an overly direct way.

I don’t think anyone who says instead of paying you they will tip you later actually does it. So I would have told him he should wait until he has the money to place the order.


How did it turn out, did they respond?



I’ll cancel/block if they order again. That hurt my feelings. :slight_smile:


I had one of these this morning - adding quite a thing to an already existing order. I’ve done the work already ordered, but not delivered yet … and sent an extra to cover it.

They’ll accept probably … eventually :wink:

Good for you :muscle: You know what’s right and don’t forget it!