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A regular buyer sent me a really hard job and paid me an inappropriate price by selecting one of my packs!

Hello every one, here’s the problem:

A buyer who often sends me texts to translate has sent me a text of more than 10,000 words and only paid me $15, when the value of $15 in my pack is for documents that have between 500 and 1000 words. The real price for that text is $160.

What should I do in a case like this?

I am new here and I am not sure about what to do…

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You have only 3 choices:

  1. Explain to him that the package he ordered will cover only 1000 words from 10000 in his document and send him a custom offer for the missing amount or you can translate only 1000 words. And you can send custom offer right away to save time.
  2. cancel the order
  3. Make a translation anyway even if it’s out of the scope.

What if he rejects everything I tell him and then leaves me a negative review?

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Then you default to option 2 from my list.

He can leave a review ONLY if you deliver your work and he complete the order.

  1. You’ll translate him only 1000 words with the explanation of the package.

+1. If he leaves a negative review, you’ll professionally respond to that with facts.

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is covered here :point_down:

he can not deliver 1000 words without buyer confirming it otherwise fiver CS can cancel the order from their side because that will basically considered abusing “deliver” button and delivering not according to buyers requirements


Send an extra with the price of the words he didn’t pay for and the explanation, you can also select additional days then as you’ll probably need more time for that order.

If he accepts, all is fine, if he won’t, ask customer support to cancel the order for you because the customer sent you far more words than he paid for and did not accept your gig extra to cover the missing amount.

Good luck!


It should be considered as a scam from the buyer’s side in the first place.


HI, I have checked your profile you have more experienced than me so definitely you have better idea and understanding in dealing with the client. I am a new seller on Fiverr but I want to share my opinion. I have also faced this kind of problem but at that time I have sent the custom offer to the client and he accepted.That was great but we will not meet the nice client every time. You can send him the custom offer with suitable reason so that client could understand the data is really big and it will take time to complete that. You can compare the data with your package. If the client is giving order again and again on the low price then you should complete that order and finally make the client understand that “I have completed order this at very low price but at the next time please drop me a message before placing an order so that we discuss about the requirement and price, I hope you understand.” Second thing if you keep on delivering the order without objecting then definitely he will give you order on low price. As per my opinion send custom offer with suitable reason and discuss, try to convince the client. I hope it will work. All the best.

I go the “take it or leave it” route in cases like this.

Send them an extra, contact them and explain why it was done + attach the screenshot of your gig terms with the relevant parts circled in red (or any other bright color of your choice). Tell them that they can either purchase the extra or order elsewhere.

Given the $145 difference in price, it’s unlikely that the extra will be accepted. If they decline, contact Customer Support, explain the situation and ask them to cancel. There is a high chance your stats won’t be affected in this case.

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If he’s a regular buyer, try to figure it out.
I work with many customers, who simply don’t know what to click to make an order. One of them always orders $5 and asks me to add a missing amount because he’s not sure how to make it right, even though his tasks are huge.

However, I faced a lot of ‘smart’ buyers recently. All of them pay less, simply ignoring me after placing the order. In some cases I prefer to deliver and block (difference of 200 words won’t kill me), while in other cases I use CS or push the buyer (if they have any will to communicate) to pay the rest. However, they never want to pay and it results in poor reviews.


I do the same! Ha ha
screenshots are working like magic no one even trying to argue after that