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A Regular Guy With A Stutter Who Loves to Test The Randomness in Dividends and Interest Rates


Hello fellow Fiverrs, name is Lionel, I just wanted y’all to get to know my story and why I started REITNOMIC. Well I plainly started REITNOMIC because no firm would give me a shot to analyze REIT’s and CMBS securities. I would build REIT models and CMBS models on my own as a hobby. After earning my Masters in Real Estate at NYU in 2016, I applied at Bloomberg, Moody’s, Fitch and every real estate hedge fund on the planet and no dice.
Having a severe stutter was one of the main things that worked against me due to firms automatically thinking I was incapable to do the job or just plain retarded because I could barely get a word out in a phone interview or in person. So I said since nobody is going to give me a shot and hold my stutter against me why not do it myself and sell it to people in the world who need the kind of valuation models and tools I can provide.

All a guy wants to do is provide the best valuation tools for y’all to use. All in all I hope y’all find my valuation models useful and most importantly I hope we together can help educate people about the great opportunities investing not only in the market but in yourself.


Maybe you can shorten and summarize this?