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A Reminder to Myself - No More Twitter


[This is like a reminder to myself, to keep me honest. ]

#1: No more Twitter.
#2: No more Twitter
#3: No more Twitter.

Okay, now I am set. No more Twitter!


Are you sure? :slight_smile:






So far so good…


So far? LOL, it’s been 30 minutes… :rofl: try bumping that up to 1 hour, check back in here, then bump it to 2 hours, and so on


This is embarrassing…[I guess I relapsed…] [No worries, back on track…]


I :heart: Twitter!!


I wish I had more time for it. That’s the one place where 95% of my connections are writers or associated with books. :grinning:


Start using LinkedIn, it’s a lot better (in case you don’t use it), there are tons of professional groups for writers to exchange ideas, read stories, and share tips. :slight_smile:


That’s good…and different…as you use Twitter for your work…for me, and for most people in India, it’s all about politics, nothing to do with work…so negative energy, zero productivity…[The phrase “most people in India” makes no sense now that I look back at what I wrote…most people in India have better things to do. LOL Just 1-2 million people like me who are tied to their laptops and have an easy life I guess.]


I have LinkedIn but that’s for my professional full time job.

I use Twitter for my freelancing, part time job. I get more interaction for books with retweets on Twitter.


You are using Twitter for the right reasons, nothing wrong with that at all. That’s the way the platform should be. But it’s all about politics with two opposite sides in whatever country fighting each other 24/7/365. As I told @misscrystal once, there’s too much politics in our world. It’s killing all productivity.


Can I just go OT and say the cricket match looks interesting - India needs 171 off 20 overs. Sri Lanka have done well for the first time this series. Good show!


Twitter is the best thing since slice :bread: :yum:

OT for n4y33m

I just noticed you’re back, Welcome back, dude! :sunglasses: :tada:


Thanks. :relaxed:
got the :tophat: this week. I’m free…


In Pakistan, it is about amazing memes, great rants, immense creativity, zero productivity. :smiley: