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A repeat customer offered me a job outside of Fiverr, what to do?


Hi there,

one of my buyers, with whom i worked before offered me a job outside of Fiverr, but we will continue to work together on the normal orders that i offer here.
so it’s not like cheating on Fiverr and not paying his 20%, but it’s like he used fiverr to search for an employee.

what do you advice me, is it against the rules of Fiverr ?



Technically, if you have to exchange contact information in order for you to take an outside job, you’ve obviously violated ToS. Why would you risk it since that exchange could cost you your Fiverr account?

If the buyer wants to keep working with you, there’s no reason you can’t take the same job but do it within Fiverr’s system. The only reason for you not to do so would be to avoid Fiverr’s 20% commission, which is again violating at least the spirit of the Fiverr rules and probably the letter as well. That’s my personal take on it.


Thanks for your reply, That’s why i asked the question.

i have no problem paying the %20 commission as i always did, it’s just that this is new to me (offering an ongoing job), i thought it isn’t against the ToS, i saw it like he used Fiverr to find an employee.


What type of “job” is it? Gig’s are jobs my friend. Is this someone offering you position in the company as a part time or full time employee? or independent contractor or is it a freelancer job? Do you know the difference between the three?


i think you want to say that your buyer offer you a “fulltime job”, is that right?
I also had some buyers, who lives in the same country and city and they also want to contact me directly to offer me a fulltime job but i declined. I left my fulltime job 1 year ago ( even i was a manager ) and become a freelancer because i want to manage my own time ( In my country, boss want employee to work for a 3-people-job but pay only for one. It’s not fair ).
The reason i said No because i dont want to ruin my Fiverr account. It violate Fiverr’s rule. Is it worth for you to do ? No


There are other sites to find full time employees. If he wants you to work for him he can hire you here. No exchanging payment or personal info including names on fiverr.


You tell your buyer that you’re not allowed to communicate outside of Fiverr. Think about this, resume writers often handle confidential information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails, but if they’re responsible, they only communicate within Fiverr. Why risk getting your account banned? It’s not worth it.


First, you wouldn’t be paying the 20% anymore for the external work, so that’s an issue.

More important, the very fact that the Buyer found you on Fiverr is your problem. In order for you to work for him externally, then somehow he has to give you off-Fiverr contact info or you have to give it to him. Then you have to use that contact info to make arrangements for you to get paid for this job outside of Fiverr. That’s a ToS violation.

Some sellers might want that bad enough to lose a Fiverr account. That part is in your hands. (The buyer would also be likely to lose their account.)


i talked with him and convinced him to keep the work through fiverr, he accepted and i’m comfortable like this.

thank you for your advices


yes, that’s what i did. he accepted and i’m more comfotable like this.


I’m glad the story has a happy ending. :slight_smile: Good luck with your gigs.


Thank you :smiley: