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A request for changing the review


Hi friend, I realized that many buyers don’t know about review effect on gig placement and ratings. I did experiment for long term and most of buyers are leaving 4 stars even we provide excellent service. So I think you have to pay your attention about this problem. I suggest you to inform about this before leaving the review. So I have attached latest worst experience screenshots. So buyer really want to change the review as 5 stars but I can’t send a request for changing the review because it effect on gig placement. :frowning: (I know we can’t ask directly for 5 stars but also we know about our service that is enough or not for 5 stars. So from my point of view buyers should have the right for ask about review if they have doubt)
Thank you friend

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Please can you remove the buyer’s name from your screenshot? Thanks in advance!


Buyers can leave any review that they feel matches their experience with you and your work. A 4-star review is a good, strong, positive review. If your buyer thinks you deserve a 4-star review, that’s their choice to make. Be happy with the positive review that they gave you, and move on to more important things. Complaining that you can’t control buyer reviews – so that you can maintain a perfect 100% rating is extremely petty.

You don’t deserve 5-star reviews… you EARN them.