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A request to all seller

Hi Everyone! I want to request every seller out there please lets be united and send message to the customer support team about the buyer request section its been a while that the buyer request section is full of sellers post that is not sellers request section why can’t people see that its buyer’s section so please my request to every sellers lets message to the customer support maybe when they saw number of reports again same problem then they may take action against it ?

Yeah, that’s going to help an overworked CS desk. They know already. No need to spam them.

It will not be a spam because we just gonna put a petition in front of CS

Great post ! I Will definitely contact with them and put this issue thanks

Hannah i think emmaki is right he is Top seller so i think he knows better then us

Customer Support is aware of the issue. Spamming them is a) wasting your and their time b) going to slow down the system for genuine issues c) not a petition.

If you want to make a petition, go to one of those websites that do those. Much more efficient, although maybe not effective as Fiverr hasn’t done anything about it and may not for some time yet as it is working on other features.

So, my advice? Don’t bother.

Just click the “Remove Request” button. I agree with @emmaki. Your idea will do more bad than any good.

Yes. Click on Remove Request and that specific request will be hidden from you.

I inform several times about this issue. Always they keep saying that they are on that issue and resolve soon. I think worring about this matter again and again waste of our time as emekki saud.

Thank you for the advice guys