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A response rate question

Hello everyone!

My name is João and I’m a new seller on Fiverr.
After a few days of testing gigs and improving my profile i’ve been getting more and more engagement which brings me to a question that I’m hoping the community can help me with :slight_smile:

Whenever i get a message in my inbox do my best to reply to it as soon as possible in order to maintain a good response rate. My question is when i get a order in one of my gigs and the buyer leaves a message in the chat of the order itself is it important to reply to these messages as soon as possible as well?

What i mean is after all requirements are filled in and i’m ready to start working on the request itself should the seller always have the last word within the chat of the order so that the response rate doesn’t go down?

Example ->

Seller : Everything is ready to start processing your order. If there are any other questions or additional details that i should be aware of feel free to contact me at anytime.

Buyer: Thank you for your time. Cheers :slight_smile:

What is the appropriate etiquette here?
Respond to maintain reply rate? just start working on the request?

Thank you all and sorry for the wall of text :slight_smile:

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I understand your feeling, I feel the same and I always try to end the conversation myself.

But the response rate is related to your first reply, when buyer contacts you.

But it is a good to reply your client’s message as much as you can.

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Once you have responded the first time in a message and on the order, your response rate is no longer affected by the length of time it takes you to react, nor do you need to be the last to respond.

In your sample above, you could not have responded or replied, “Cheers.”


It is common. It also happened with me.

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I do not understand your statement. It does not appear to answer the OP’s question. :thinking:


Thank you all for your input. You were all very helpful :smiley:

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