A ridiculous request


So this guy hires me for $5 to write 3 LinkedIn summaries, a LinkedIn summary might be a sentence or a paragraph, it’s not supposed to be long, this is what he writes me:

"Hi, Thank you for writing the summaries. Please look at the documents that I have attached (“previous jobs and what I have learned”, “Why do you”), both were written to support my job applications for a Product Manager positions. I would like the summaries to be longer (LinkedIn summaries can be up to 2000 characters, 100-300 words are the ideal length) and reflect those skills. I need a summary that will emphasize the transferable skills that I acquired in my previous positions and that will be attractive for a hiring manager in a corporation. I prefer it to be in first person and be written as a story of things I did. This is again where the documents I send you can come handy. Also, 1. Using the word battlefield is very creative, but I am not sure if it will land me a job in a corporate settings. 2. Please note that my MBA is from the University of Massachusetts and not from U of Haifa. Sincerely, X"

Really? Are you paying me $5 or $50? And correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t corporations love people who have served in the military? Isn’t that what every military recruiter tells you? Who is this guy trying to work for? Antiwar.com? Michael Moore?

This guy was a commander in the IDF, he led 100 troops, why would you be ashamed of that? I told that fool that in America we love military people, but no, he knows better than I do. Well, I told him he can write his own summaries and refunded his order.


He seems to have a perfectly good grasp of language - surely it would have taken him less time to craft his own summaries than to nag you in such detail. People.


Reply to @itsyourthing: These are the summaries I wrote for him, are they bad? Am I missing something?

  1. From leading 100 soldiers in the IDF to being a program director at MIT, John Doe has experience in leading workshops, developing programs, creating marketing materials, writing website content, and more.

  2. John Doe is a talented manager from the battlefield to the boardroom, with a MBA from the University of Haifa. John has proven management abilities as a former Program Director for Hillel at MIT, Director of Student Activities in Haifa, and a Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant at the University of Massachusetts.

  3. Whether it’s tackling complex data or creating public relations campaigns with proven results, Jon has verifiable experience and the education to be an asset in your business.

    Thanks for your comments. You’re right, some people are too much.


I’m not even going to attempt to evaluate your summaries without all the details, :slight_smile: BUT, I assume he provided all the information and you arranged it into ‘dynamic’ summaries. Seems pretty straightforward to me.

fastcopywriter said: both were written to support my job applications
I wonder who wrote those and why he didn't pester them for his summaries? Oh well, better luck in the future!


Reply to @itsyourthing: Oh, I didn’t show you that. Basically, his college professor asked him write a page about why he should be hired as a product manager. I did read it, but for the most part, I based my summaries on his resume and LinkedIn jobs.

It’s amazing what some people expect for $5, he gave me 3 documents, and as you saw, he wanted 100 to 300 words. My longest summary had 55 words. Some people are crazy.