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A Roller Coaster Ride : My first week and First Order .!

Hello Everyone .!!

I hope you are keeping safe in this Pandemic.

Yes You heard it correct, my first week on Fiverr was a Roller Coaster Ride. I Joined the platform long back but it’s only a week when I created my first gig.

First let me summarize the points that I did before uploading my gig:

  1. I checked on the top seller’s, and listed down the key pointers from their profile such as
    the language, their packages and most importantly the pictures they had used in their gig.
  2. I Come up with some exciting Tag line filled with Keywords and I kept it short and Crisp.
  3. Banner Image : According to me this is the most important point which gave me order
    on second day. I Included all the key pointers specific to my service in the banner image
    and kept same color theme for all the 3 images.

So with this I got my first order on second day ! . I was super excited my adrenaline was on next level, with full enthusiasm I delivered the order in 6 hours and Yeah now it is marked as completed. Much Thanks to the Buyer.!!
The Joy of my first income at Fiverr was amazing, I got excited and motivated and hoped to get lot’s of orders on this.

But then days went by and It was almost a week and I didn’t got any order. I felt disappointed all my dreams which I thought after my first order broke. My mind was continuously forcing me to leave Fiverr but then Suddenly I got my second order.
Again my Mind was Blown, Super excitedly I delivered my order and again I thank my Buyer for giving me this opportunity.

So I would say, there would be many things that will come to your mind but only your skills and Self Confidence will make you stand apart .

Thank You for Spending a minute.
Any sort of suggestions on my profile / gig will be highly appreciable.

Profile: prakshaljain271 | Online Coding Lessons, Data Processing | Fiverr


Thank You so much for the suggesion :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :heart: :heart:


Thank You for Reading.
Glad You Liked it. :slight_smile:

I am happy that you took the time to do some research before posting your gig, and I want to congratulate you on already getting orders.

However, I suggest you also read the Terms of Service. It is against the TOS to offer to prepare academic work for buyers, as you are doing in your computer science assignments gig. I suggest you delete it as soon as you can before you get a warning from Fiverr.


Thank You @vibronx for Reading it

I am completely unaware of this TOS, thank you for mentioning it. I will go through it and try to update/delete my gig.
I hope mentoring and teaching is allowed here . ?

Yes, you are allowed to mentor/tutor, but you cannot prepare academic work for buyers.

The Terms of Service can be found here:

Make sure also to read the Community Standards:


Thank you @vibronx for the links and informing me this criteria.

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Thank You so much for the suggestion

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@joyzaxon Thanks for Reading.
All the best :slight_smile:

Thank You so much for the suggestion.

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Thank you for reading, glad you liked.:slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this valuable post and wish you all the best for your future :blush:

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Thank you @yasmin_hoq :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your suggestion.

Have a nice day.

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Thanks @subasini5 for reading.
All the best :slight_smile:

Best of luck for more!!!

first thank you the best idea generate from this description i hope than more other topics sharing brother

Yes i think gig images are indeed one of the most important element of a Gig after all the research. It creates the first impression. And has a direct impact on impression vs click ratio. Good to know you are getting orders. Hopefully this will continue. Wish you all the success. Congratulations.

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Thank you so much
For sharing the good advice :heart: