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A rough 2 weeks!

So this buyer said she wants a 3 page work done and gave me a instructions. we discussed everything was fine. until while doing the job i realized it was a total 10-15 page job. so i mentioned it to her she ignored that and requested me to complete i still managed to do her work but i requested her for more time in the mean while the order delivered automatically but i didnot care because with serious clients they dont care about order they just want high quality job. so i did her job and use to show her the progress. she actually demanded me to revise and make changes lol. i told her let me complete this job and then we can move on because i charged her for 3 pages not for 15 pages. in vain, she took the 7 pages and claimed a late delivery request and CS again did not bother to read our inbox conversation or did not even contact me cancelled the order. well i would just say that CS helps the buyers to rob Fiverr.

I was here on forum to lessen my frustration and then i read a comment SAYING FORGET AND MOVE ON. and it helped me alot. but yea congrates fiverr for losing your money lol


Once you noticed the work was more than mentioned, you should have cancelled or asked for more money. Well that’s what I would have done.


Don’t forget and move on - make em regret! Take the content and post it literally anywhere online. Additionally, keep checking whether the content is being used or not. if it is contact CS to make them take it down.

No matter where you go you can find people trying to work the system. However there are more good buyers on Fiverr than bad ones and good on you for providing great CS! That alone will grow your business. If someone get some free work - just hope they REALLY needed it and move on. We cannot control the crazies - but sometimes we can learn from it. If you find a consistent issue with orders… that can always lead to an opportunity to change the wording or requirements in your gig. It’s a learning curve for sure!


@ssj1236 this is not a good thing to do because at the end it is all my hardwork. this has happened in past and i have kept my work for rainy days :stuck_out_tongue:

@keithhvoice i agree to u. but yea some what it was my fault for not deciding that the buyer is tricking me. it was definitely not a three page job and i didnot see it ahead because i was too busy with orders.

@phantompower i couldnot do that because i already took 2 days of buyer. and i thought its a 3 page job so its gona be easy :grin: but it wasnot! definitely not.

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