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A sad tale with a happy ending (RESOLVED)


This site is the most arbitrary, unprofessional site that I have ever been associated with. Granted a lot of sites on the web act poorly, but this site takes it to a whole new level. What is the point f having a TOS page if you make up the rules as you go along. Case in point, ME!

Look at my handle, what do you see? Something missing right? Where is my level 2 badge? Up until yesterday I was a level 2 seller. This morning I get two emails back to back telling me “Due to your current actions you no longer qualify to be a level 2 seller.” One minute later another email “Due to your current actions you no longer qualify to be a level 1 seller” So all of the sudden, for no rhyme or reason, I become a Level 0 seller. I have become a newbie even though I have been here for almost 1 year and have accumulated well over 100 sales and many positive feedbacks. For no reason they take them away. I’m sure you ask me “Why would they do this?” Well lets review.

I have over 100 sales. I have a 90% user rating. I have 1 gig rated 90% and 2 gigs rated 100%. I have had plenty of sales recently with add ons, so its not like I am not selling. So what can it be?

All I can conclude is that I asked one user to update his purchase (which he allowed to auto complete with no feedback) and to give it a positive rating. That’s it! This only goes to show you people who want to ask your buyers to give you positive feedback DON’T DO IT!

Tell me where in the TOS does it say that you cannot ask a user to give you positive feedback? I didn’t even ask him out of the blue. He contacted me to ask me something so I just took the opportunity to ask him is he didn’t mind updating the user feedback.

I put in a support ticket this morning immediately after receiving those emails and 3 hours have passed with no response. The turn around time is supposed to be 68 minutes by what the Support area says. They may never respond to me.

If there was a problem (whatever the problem may be) why do they instantly jump to punishment instead of contacting you and saying "Hey, don’t do this again or you will have problems"

BTW, NO, I did not promote any outside site, and NO, I did not try to make a sale outside Fiverr, and NO, I did not do anything to circumvent the system. So there you have it. If you can tell me any legitimate reason why I have had my badges taken away, I would love to hear it.

If you find that I am banned from the site in a few days, then you will know why. Because I am complaining here!!!

This is just toooooo much aggravation to go through for $5 ($4 actually). Everything this site does is only to make itself look more and more unprofessional and worthless as a business promotion tool.

Sheriff’s note: I have amended the title of your post to indicate that the issue is resolved, glad it is all sorted :slight_smile:


Reply to @beatcraigslist: Yeah there are these glitches from time to time I have seen it happen before, but glad Susan got on it for you and fixed !


Hi. @BeatCraigslist

I’m not sure anyone here could help you with that, We know there has been a few issues recently what with the PayPal glitch and a few other bugs so Fiverr Support may be a little bogged down, fire off another ticket to support there MAY have been a glitch in the system causing you to loose your levels, explain your situation and they may be able to help you. Don’t quote me on that though


ok calm down!

My ticket is waiting for over 36 hours and not yet answered!

A buyer has give me a bad feedback, well, not bad but very strange attitude is shown by him plus he is not responding. I am losing potential sales and waiting for them to help me!

So be calm and wait for them. They will return your levels!


Your levels have returned, I guess it was a glitch in the system !


Reply to @improfessional: Yes, you’re right…after 4 hours they did return my levels. Susan responded very nicely and said it was a mistake. I told her that these mistakes or glitches are making me age too fast. I logged into Fiverr and I get a big red banner “WOOHOO You are now a Level 2 member” Wow, I havent seen that in ages.

Its upsetting when these things happen…Well, sorry for the rant…and if any of the mods want to delete this post they have my blessing… I dont need to bad mouth Fiverr after they fixed the issue.


This has to be one of the few sites with management having a great sense of humor.

Glad it was just a glitch! :smiley: