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A SCARY Voice, You Say?

Just because it’s not yet Halloween time, it doesn’t mean a scary voice isn’t in order. If you want the best wicked, scary, witchy voice around, click below (but you may want to be sure you have a night light and a teddy bear):


trust me, I also make scary voice like you . But I dont have any gig , And I will not create any gig. Its really scary

Love your voice :heart_eyes:

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Thank you; I’m just trying to make as many “niche” gigs as I can, the better to get those buyers looking for such specifics.

yes, You can do it, becasue you are unique :smiling_imp:

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Oh, my! You’ve nailed it. I’m going to have nightmares tonight! :sweat_smile:
:heart_decoration: Favorited it for a future purchase.


Thank you! I actually use that voice on a song I wrote for my band - It’s a rap called “Witcked Witch Spit” - and one of my bandmates absolutely refuses to listen to it, lol!

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LOL, I don’t blame your bandmate, even the name makes me shiver. :smile: