A search sorting "best text match"


I like to just randomly browse through fiver to find interesting gigs, but in the end it’s just too many to collect

them all. It’s good to know what’s possible, so that i can come back, when i actually need it.

So i’d just like to find the good gigs again through the search engine, because i remember title/topic, but sometimes it seems impossible.

A random example: there’s a gig, its called “I will contact the DEAD for you” (http://fiverr.com/charleytakaya/contact-the-dead-for-you)

If i enter “contact the dead” into the search engine i can not find this gig in the first 40,60… entries(when does it show up?) and in fact the first 20 gigs don’t even have the word “dead” in them and mostly don’t have anything to do with the topic of my search entry.

The other search sortings besides “auto” (“rating”,“haz videos”,“new”,etc.),also don’t help in finding the gig again.

So i could not find this gig to actually buy it. And there are other gigs which i cannot find again.

So I’d like to have a “best text match” sorting, where gigs, which match my search query best, are on top.

Maybe this could be built in?





I believe there is something wrong with the search right now… and I hope Fiverr is working on it.


I noticed too that the search is f*cked up… None of my newer gigs are found.