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A seller asking me to buy his gig


Im a level 2 seller here on fiverr.
From few days a level 1 seller is asking me to buy his gig. He is sending messages to me along with a custom offer. he wants me to order his gig and leave a good 5 star rating. I have seen his previous deliveries and he is having many reviews which seems like a paid review. May be his friends are helping him to give momentum to his gig. I know he wont last longer here but i was surprised to see people helping him in these kind of stuffs.

you guys had any similar experience??


ohh, it happens, I do sometimes give chance to potential good sellers though…


Is this allowed in fiverr?? are you not violating any Terms & conditions here??

by seeing his profile i can see he is only doing this to get orders there is no genuine buyer on his gig.


The seller who asks to buy their gig via messages is violating the Terms, because self-promotion through unsolicited messages/requests is spamming.

However, if you or another seller actually buys their gig, you are not violating any rules - so @zubairfb doesn’t violate the rules if he simply buys the gig that another seller sends him via Inbox. If he would ask others to buy his gig via messages, that wouldn’t be allowed.


Thanks :slight_smile: