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A seller became a buyer and tried to scam me (hilarious story)

I’ve been working in fiverr since 2014. I’ve seen a lot of different kind of buyer but this one went too far.

Recently I had a buyer (which also was a seller, in logo design category), which asked me to trace an image (truck) to vector and add some text. In other words he was asking me to create his logo.

He ordered a $5 basic order, PLUS $10 to be delivered in 12 hours.

But the image he wanted to get worked, would demand weeks of work and would cost over $400 (he clearly ignored my gig DESCRIPTION, FAQs, and REQUIREMENTS warnings). I explained him this, and said that for only $5 the best I could do was an auto trace, but this process would simplify the image A LOOOOT.

Here starts the problem:
1- He said he agree with this auto trace process and that he contracted me to work the image, not te text (which he initially asked in his original request). He said, “i order for truck not for text”.
2- Then I delivered the order, and requested a modification. He said “Thank you, looks nice;) But you forgot to put text in it, because it has to include company’s name.” (observe that the liked the image traced delivery, and then he just wanted the text worked again, really simple process). He even sent me an example, with the fonts and the way he wanted to look, and I did it exactly like he requested.
3- I delivered the truck traced, and the text exactly like he requested. THEN BOOM, he wrote me this: “i am really sorry but my Clint is not satisfied with this quality, i will give you 5$ for your work”. He liked the service I sent him, but he tried to cancel because “his client” didn’t liked, and he wanted to give me only $5.
4- I said to him that I would not refund him, because my deal was with him, not his client, and he said he liked the delivery.
5- He requested dozens of cancellations. Then now he was saying that the wanted to cancel because his team mate didn’t liked it (from his client, now it passed to his team mate)
6- He threatened me that if I wouldn’t cancel this, he would give me 1 star rating. I said him to go on, and it would allow me to give the same rating to him.
7- He tried everything to get refunded: He said he didn’t like (while he said before he liked). He said he would give me a bad rating. He said he would report me. And many other things.
8- He closed the order (without any review), and contacted me INBOX. By inbox messages he kept threatening that he would give me 1 star rating. I dont know why but till now he didn’t gave me a review at all.

Moral of the story (for buyers and sellers):
1- If you are a seller, do not accept to get abused by this kind of buyers, which tries everything to get a free work. In my case, he agreed with a cheap process, he liked the cheap process, but then he didn’t like anymore? No, I wont cancel because of this, BUT MAINLY because he didn’t read my gig description and faqs AND requirements, where I clearly explain and warn such situation.
2- If you are a buyer, DO NOT TRY TO TAKE ADVANTAGE FROM SELLERS. We are not slaves to do any kind of work for any price. Just because our gig STARTS from $5, it doesn’t mean we will do every single work for $5. Read the gig descriptions, it exists for one obvious reason. Contact the sellers before ordering if you are not 100% sure your request will work for the package you order, or for your budget.

If buyers read gigs descriptions, half of cancellations would be avoided. If they contact sellers before ordering, the other half of cancellations would be avoided.


In theory, you are right.

But you know as well as I do that there are still going to be Buyers who don’t pay attention to FAQs, Gig Descriptions, or anything other than what they want.

The same goes for Sellers.

There will always be Sellers here desperate for a $5 job willing to do anything for it.

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I sell my gig for $5 because most of the services I do are quick and work for $5, but I clearly let my buyers know that it doesn’t work for all images.

If they dont read my gig description then they “don’t want to know”, and this don’t change the fact I advised.

My average selling price is $20-$25 nowadays (with a $5 gig)

Selling for $5 isn’t desperate if the job is quickly done.

You may want to report him if he used harsh language or a proof of a scam can be traced from the conversation you both did.

already reported this and the order. I also blocked him at the end