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A seller completely stole GIG title, description and my picture

A seller completely stole GIG title, description from me and 1more seller and my picture wich is [c] of me. I have similar pictures of almost every gig I have updated recently. I have request a ticket to support, I got answers, both gigs were taken down, his and mine, mine appered in search tab, after editing my description was put down and now his gig is back online with my [c] gigs picture. I have been writing to fiverr, they were working on this (as it gigs were removed form search tab).

First I contacted him and asked him nicely to change gigs picture after he claimed that he created this picture and that I stole his description :))) I didnt even notice untill I checked that hes having description from me and other seller. He should have apologize to me and change his gigs picture but instead he lied - hes from Pakistan.

Hes a thief, hes having gig in search tab while mine was removed (or it will appear in search tab) Matt from fiverr said that gig is alright, nothing wrong - no reason to be removed from search tab, maybe it will appear back in search tab as I was editing it.

However, I dont like that seller is having my picture, im not allowing this but it seems he can have something what I designed.

Do you guys have any ideas what to do in this case as it seems fiverr editorial team let him have my [c] picture I designed

He did this: Copyright Infringement, Trademark Infringement, and violation of a third party’s terms of service reported through our Intellectual Property Claims Policy found here

I didnt allowed it nor sell it with all [c].

Damn, Im so mad on him that he did that and on fiverr for leting him away with all this. asfsafsdgsdgsdgsdgsdgjsgjfg

I think you can submit a ticket to Customer Support, proving that your work is your own. I don’t know if they can check creation date of the gig, or update date, or the previous versions, but you could ask.

Additionally, you can put a watermark on your picture/work. People won’t be able to copy that. Put your username on the picture and your username in your gig description.

Thanks, they let him get away with this. Im waiting a reply. I will provide them my work, description he stol from me and other seller and then lets see what happen, but I dont think they will bother with this.

Normally CS is proactive on these issues and will step in. It does depend on how clearly and politely you explained. Also, it matters how well you showed proof that yours was first and that the seller internationally copied your call content.

If you said “damn” and/or wrote about your anger, CS may have stopped reading. Swearing and getting emotional doesn’t convey professionalism to staff and it looks like a rant, so they move on to a real ticket. (The forum has a Ranting category for us to meltdown as needed.)

Admin is here to help you.