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A Seller Copied My Artwork

I saw a seller copied my artwork from facebook page that I have. what should I do?, I have the source if needed I can show it.


You can ask the seller in a message to remove it, if they don’t respond and don’t remove it, contact customer support and send them screenshots as proof and they will have the seller remove it for you.

That’s how I deal with sellers who dare to steal my gig pictures I paid someone on Fiverr to make for me.
Please keep in mind Customer support is very busy at the moment so it may take some 5 days for them to respond.


I wouldn’t even contact them. I go directly to report them. They totally don’t deserve to be given a chance to just remove it without any implications.


Fair point! When I did contact CS about this, I mentioned that I had asked the seller to remove it and CS patted my head for trying to resolve it myself first. Though I wouldn’t bother spamming them. They usually don’t react anyways which in turn gets their response rate down so

That works for me :smiley: