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A seller did not complete my work properly and he is not letting me cancel the order

Hello, my self Diptenu Sarkar, I’m facing a problem with my delivery. I place an order on Fiverr as a buyer, I want a browser application, I place an order the seller was formed ** ****.
Unfoucutnaly I accept my order, when I see my order I was surprised.He told me he would monetize my app with Ad Mob, but he didn’t do it.

Then when I want to contact him to talk to him I see that he has blocked me so what should I do in this case?

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Before accepting the order, I believe you saw and read a warning. Try to sort out the issue with the buyer by communicating and negotiating with him/her. Please contact the customer service for real support.

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If you can’t communicate with the seller due to being blocked and the seller didn’t provide what they said they would/the original requirements contacting CS about the issue like suggested above should help.


Agree with this statement .

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plz see this but my problem not resolve

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Hello joelsmith2002 can you help me.

Hay uk1000 can you help me, plz help me

I meant you should contact CS

CS has contacted them for you and said:

…I went ahead and reached out to the seller.

Please provide them additional time to follow up with you. Should they remain unresponsive, please come back to us and we will review this order for you again.

So I’d wait a couple of days and see if the seller messages you about it since they should have received a message from CS asking them to (I assume they might have to unblock you). If you haven’t heard from the seller in a couple of days (or whatever the right amount of time is) you could then put another message on the existing support ticket saying the seller hasn’t responded about it and they’ll do whatever they think is best.


thank you for you advice.

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To resolve the issue please contact resolution center then customer support. They will surely solve the issue.


I contacted them and but still haven’t solved the problem


If you read the previous posts you will see that action has already been taken.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


No, it is not…! He is still waiting for the response.

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I meant action by the OP who has been advised to wait for a while by Customer Support and then contact them again if it has not been resolved by the seller.

Hopefully the OP will soon be able to update us as to the final outcome.