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A seller is lying and there is nothing I can do to get my money back


****** took a job where she was supposed to take 25 members from site-A and have them stay on site-B for a day.
She is lying and did not do that. It hasn’t been a day, and she’s refusing to cancel my order.
If she can’t do the work, she shouldn’t take the job. Now my money is locked away. A lot of poor quality con artist out there. Be careful.

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How fast your dream has died.


Isn’t that throwing everyone into the same boat? No. Sorry, I’m not judging everyone off of a long streak of bad sellers.


Is that a hint of judgement I hear towards the end of that sentence?

In any case, you can hardly task someone with migrating x amount of people from y to z site. That’s a very narrow timeframe, and without any detail other than yours, it’s kind of hard to see what you expected. Like, if someone came here and said “o hai gays, is new better forum for lols, come and see” or something like that, 99% of people are going to say “nah bruv” and not bother.

Besides, it hasn’t been a day. I hope this site wasn’t targeting those poor deserving people without smartphones. You could see why it might be tricky for such a fast turnaround. You’re right though–lots of con artists out there. They love people with unrealistic expectations and grandiose ideas.


I didn’t require them to do it within a day, I required them to get them to stay there a day.
The seller submitted “completion” under 24 hours, so everything is a lie.
I would have been happy with 2 people, but no one came and talked to anyone else. I got 4 single 1 off posts.

Sorry my ideas are grandiose, I’ve felt like shit my whole life. I want to fix it.