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A seller is selling fake passports and identity card. 6 days later the offer is still online!


I just found a seller who sells fake passports and identity card in the buyer section.
The offer was published on September 26 and is always online with the phone number, skype and email address of the seller.
How an offer can stay online for as long without any action from the trust and safety team ?
Still no report button in this section…


contact fiverr support with this screenshot


They fish in the ocean, they also have a lot of accounts so when one is down another one is ready for fishing!
Report this scammers to the fiverr support.


Report this immediately to customer support.


I don’t think they can produce these documents, at least not the driver’s licenses for U.S.
Ours are holographic now.


They can’t produce real documents but they can sell fake documents. And the money they receive is real.


These guys have hundreds if not thousands of Fiverr accounts.


This one doesn’t need thousands of accounts. 6 days later the offer is still online… He can continue with the same account !


It’s possible. I’ve seen it done in Poland some years ago - even with complex holographic.
You just need the right hardware, which is expensive tho.


I’ll bet the only thing you get after ordering is your identity stolen.


And soon to have the same chip that’s in your credit cards.