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A Seller Level 2. Did he block me?

Hi, I offer some services on Fiverr and outside fiverr and wanted to find someone for the future to make me an animation video. I wrote to a seller Level 2 but I assume he blocked me. I mean this is so unprofessional. I’l report you here the conversation:


"Hi {Seller},
In the near future I would like to consider on ordering a video animation. I stopped at your gig as I like your portfolio work. However I have some questions.
I am a Web Developer and I would need it for the services I offer.
Can the voice over be done in a different language?
If you make a video and let’s say I need one in English for my English audience and one in Italian for my personal website, would it be possible to have them both for the same animation video?
What will be the price since the animation will remain the same and only text and voice will have to be changed?
If I don’t have the script, how much will it cost for you to come with a scripting based on some ideas? For the scripting in the second language, I will be able to translate it by myself and send it back to you.
So what would be the total price for:
30 sec video animation + scripting + voice over in 2 languages

Thank you!"


Hi. Let me review it and if doable, will get back to you on it.

Now I can see the following message by Fiverr and I can’t write to the seller: {seller} is not accepting messages at this time.

Did he block me, or there is “Operating Hours” feature of which I know nothing?

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When you try to go to his profile, can you see it? If not, he was blocked by Fiverr, if yes - he blocked you

Yes, I can see it. My question is why would he block me… :rofl:
I mean, perhaps he saw that I have a gig called video animation (which is totally different from his, because I only do logo intros) and he might have thought that I want to resell his services. I can’t explain it to myself.

Well, we will never get the answer=)) Everything is possible, but it looks very unusual and not professional