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A seller marks the order as delivered, but asks for more time in message


I recently ordered a gig, which the seller claims would take 5 days to complete. On the due date the order was not complete. A few hours after the deadline they marked the order complete, but in the delivery notice message told me it was not complete and they needed 48 more hours to do it. Now there was no way I was going to continue this gig with them as they already didn’t deliver, falsely marked it as complete and wanted even more time. Fiverr marks orders as (fully) complete 3 days after original completion (to my understanding) so even if I wanted to risk giving more time to the seller, if they didn’t deliver Fiverr would still consider it complete, process payment and I would be screwed. So, I decided to cancel the order, which the seller agreed to because they had not delivered. Now here’s the thing, I want to leave negative feedback on the seller because I believe future buyers should know about this kind of transaction, but because we “Mutually” agreed to cancel, the order is done and complete by “cancellation”, so I can’t even leave feedback. Wondering what Fiverr can do about scenarios like this. And also if there’s a way of Fiverr monitoring “delivered” orders especially when the deliverer is blatantly marking delivered orders but not delivering the order. Such a mess!


Reply to @kjblynx: True, while I agree with you here, there’s also something else to consider. I’ve also had someone order a gig of mine but their order was something entirely different than what I offered on my gig, which also again meant I had to cancel their order. If cancellations do reflect somehow on fiverr how do we help scenarios like this? Maybe if fiverr offered more options in cancelled orders? Like who initiated the cancellation and why? Or options to cancel orders or deny orders that clearly aren’t what the seller is offering? And also to when work is delivered, to offer some kind of pause/transition stage for buyers to review and “decide” whether the work actually has been delivered before moving forward.


I had a situation like that. I did the same thing to a buyer. 12 hrs before the clock ran out I hit delivered. But that’s because the buyer never supplied the info that I needed in the 4.5 days previous.

I basically said that they have three days to get me the info before it auto completes, when you have the info, ask for a modification and the timer will start again. Then I complete the order properly.

The buyer understood I was gaming the clock a little, delivered the info he next day and everything went smoothly.


Reply to @dynamation: This is not the same situation. This seller had all of the info and was late. You did not have the info and would be forced to be late. What you did is what some call “delivering an IOU”. That is, delivering a notice stating that you will complete the gig when all the info is provided. :slight_smile: