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A seller not responding and never recived order what do i do?

a seller not responding and not completing the gig? how do i get my money back if marked completed?

Contact Customer Support. :slight_smile:

If seller marked your order as complete without delivering what agreed, then reject the delivery and contact Customer Support.

Fiverr marketplace etiquette clearly states:

Note: Delivering an order without providing the service or proof of service is against our Terms of Service..

Hi gentile415

before you go to customer support (who also have too many messages to respond to and may take some time for your concerns to be answered) please see if one of the following may be your case:

  • sometimes sellers deliver just before the deadline expires
  • sometimes sellers don’t have time to respond while working on your / or other projects. They may have too many messages in the mailbox etc.

    Of course, if you see it marked as complete and you haven’t received anything then you click on reject as mark74 said and be sure that your money is safe on fiverr

    hope that helped :slight_smile:

gentile415 said: how do i get my money back if marked completed?

It's not right for a Seller to ignore your messages, but it happens.

Know that a Seller does not mark orders complete. The Seller delivers and then several things can happen. The Buyer gives the delivery a positive review and the order completes, or the Buyer Requests a Modification and the order remains in play, or the Buyer does nothing and then the order auto-completes in 3 days.

If the Seller delivers nothing, the order will be marked "LATE" when the due date arrives, but the order is still open, and will stay that way until Seller delivers, or until you request a cancellation. Late orders do not automatically close.

I just have one day left for the work to be finished and the seller isnt replying back at all. sometimes u feel like youve been cheated because before u order their gig they always ALWAYS reply back to your messages and answer your query and once the order has been placed they do not replying at all.! :frowning: