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A seller of the same service wants to buy something to me

Hi, I’m new to fiverr, I’ve only got 29 orders. I’m a music producer, today a seller asked me if I could make some drums for him, I said yes. Some time later I decided to check his profile and he has a gig of music production too, I think he may use what I do to sell or something like that. I have nothing against that but I don’t know it feels weird, has this happened to someone here? I’m new please understand my situation because I’m not used to this at all. Thank you in advance for your responses!

Yes, it’s called outsourcing or reselling your delivery.

As a ghostwriter, that’s common. Now for music producing…I will let some other buyer answer it.

Thanks! I was just surprised at the situation but I understand that it’s something usual, thank you!

I’ve posted in my main writing gig that I only work directly with small business owners. I find that there are more middle-people scammers, or that their client has issues with my work and their client will demand a refund. In other words, don’t work with middle-people.


To me, if a Seller approaches me and doesn’t disclose who they are and particularly why they are there to order something that apparently they do themselves, it is a very uncomfortable situation.

I have no dramas subbing jobs or parts of jobs from other sellers if they need my special skills. However that is an honest transaction in that they come and say: Hey Benedict, I am struggling with this Vocal and can’t get it to sit in the mix for this client, who wants… This is like being a session player for a band’s record. They can’t get that part so you do it to help the record to work. You know upfront if your name is going on the record or if you were never there. There is respect all around.

What you do is up to you whether you just shrug and go it’s work or if you ask him what the story is. I would find it hard not to know and if not happy with his answer let him go. Kindly if possible or with a hard block if he was like many in these places who think other people exist to be abused.

Let us know how this goes