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A seller ordered and now cancelling the order, Trying to decrease my Completion Rate


I think some sellers have started a new trick to lower others completion rate. I have maintained a good 100% completion rate on my gig & 5.0 ratings.

now today i received an order form other seller who is selling exact same thing which im selling. He ordered the most premium package of my gig and now asking me to cancel the order.

i highly doubt that this seller is trying to ruin my order completion rate.

All i want to say is beware of such sellers and report them to fiverr support.


Hm… that sounds very strange. Something similar happened to me 2 days before evaluation day last month…makes me wonder :thinking:


It is in the terms of service that this is against fiverr’s rules so you need to report this to customer support and send screenshots of the order, and the link to the seller’s gig that is like yours.


We share the same category he is selling same kind of gig but not exactly my design or gig description. The only problem is he ordered and cancelled. so it makes me think he himself being a seller ordered my gig and which he is also selling & cancelling within 1 minute of placing the order.

And he says its a mistake. Should i report this? BTW i refunded him.