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A seller selling me Copy-righted Video

Hi there,

I had ordered a seller 3 days ago apparently she’s a Vyond reseller. Might you familiar with Vyond (a video creating site that let you to sell-on third party video under proper subscription)

But she created video with personal subscription and delivered me and ensured me to use everywhere without commerical rights. She is selling Vyond video without commerical rights and without proper subscription.
If I would use this Video,Vyond could sue my company and Fiverr millions of dollars.

Being a very serious matter,I did immediately contacted Fiverr about this but Fiverr didnt respond me for 3 days then I made an other ticket by declaring its as Fraud but very surprisingly my ticket now showed being solved without even contacting me.

That seller is still enjoying her account. I cancelled my order by myself. It seems Fiverr is encouraging such fraudulent activities. To me its a very serious matter.

She wasted my time and effort and we missee our promotional launching date too
But Fivert seems completely silent on this. Infact they solved this matter without suspending the seller’s account and without sending a single reply.

Now I’m really scared to buy anything on Fiverr.


If you are truly a business person with experience you know that frauds are everywhere and anywhere.

Fiverr is not an exception.

You should use the report feature on the main site and report seller that is using videos without the proper license. I purchased a premium license and I share screenshots as evidence to my new clients. Most of my frequent clients know that I am not interested in fraudulent anyone but it does come with a price.

If you paid anything under 100$ for the creation of this video you must conclude it can not be profitable to seller with PRO licenses. One of the reasons many do this, screenshot the video, or similar concepts.

In this case, selecting a seller with more prestige status and also with proper timing would be a better choice.

In business, you must have plan B and plan C and plan D. Having just plan A and crossing fingers it succeeds is never a good choice.

It this case your persistence is necessary in order to remove her from Fiverr. Use the report feature and mark she is selling videos without proper licence. Mention TOS in report.

Pricing here are quite steep for Fiverr sellers and if you wanted seller to use this site you should expect prices in range of 100-400$.

I do not recommend sites like this for animation and explainer videos, I prefer stand alone programs that are purchased full program and software installation, offline use.

Thank you very much for your detailed reply.

My worry:

Main thing,I’m hesitant to buy more not because of fraud but due to Fiverr support who itself resolved ticket without even replying me once.

If Fiverr support is encouraging then how I can be confirmed that it wont happen again.

For pricing:

I did contact top-rated seller,very surprising most of them selliny vyond videos without proper licence.
They dont even know if broadcast right and commerical rights included in 1 price or not.
And their prices starts from $300.
They tend to buy one time licence for buyers like me and then they ask for extra cost for licence.
Though they mentioned in their gig that their all packages include commerical rights. So buyer couldnt know about real resellers of Vyond only to see their pricing. I have screenshots of those chats to top-rated sellers. which again shattered my trust on this plateform. I dont wanna report any single person but yes this lady as she intentionally wasted my time though I asked for commerical right in our very first discussion and she was so confirmed about it .

For Vyond selection:

I prefer Vyond due to its character smooth movement and our previous animator had been working with it so we need consistency and its price-friendly as compared to after effect when it comes to custom character rigging etc.

For plan B:

Offcourse,we have plan B,but still all this hassle wasted our business time and changed our plan consistency.

Fiverr support shouldnt mark that ticket as “Solved”!!!

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Yes, this is a problem we are facing every day. My first 20 orders all came from buyers who paid fully for something on Fiverr by other sellers and they got nothing in return, or garbage or illegal materials.

I started selling because I was tired of people being scammed. Before selling I was actually doing it for free for years but after COVID and losing income I had to start charging.

And another thing that is the reason I was not interested to become a seller on Fiverr since I noticed there is no level at which you can expect to get proper honest service, even TOP rated and PRO sellers have rotten eggs among them.

This is unprofessional and it only supports the fact some TRS and PRO sellers reached that level with quantity, not quality.

You should and you must. This is the reason why a huge amount of people is attracted to sell on Fiverr. They all believe they can get away with it and play on your sympathy card. If he is on the floor starving and he will die without your 5$ that is not your problem. This is not a charity or donation site.

This is not an excuse for their part but due to COVID they have 500% more users than before covid and none of them read TOS and they are sending tickets to CS for everything. Imagine in your company one day you get 5000 clients all at once and 80% can not read or write properly… How lost would you be?

You have a guy who spits in your coffee and burger in Burger King and a guy who licks your chicken in a restaurant, do you lose trust in the restaurant and Burger King? The human mind is an uncharted territory and a lot of humans are born with it but without the capability of using it. And they all like Fiverr since it is broadcast as a “site where you got no skills and can get money”.

Is that true for all sellers? NO.
But does the platform make it easy for you to separate them from us? NO.

You have to trust your judgment and reviews and portfolio and how a person is communicating with you.

I regret you had this experience, but I am sure that on the entire planet 100 people minimum daily experiences same thing on this platform and that is just life.

Thank you so much You gave me postive vibes.
But yes Fiverr made it too hard to even report such rotten eggs.
Now as per your valuable suggestion,I click to report her gig to Fiverr and a forum pops up to add all details of Copy-right material with my licence/registeration number.

How on earth I could have such registeration number. This is third-party thing.
What you suggest,should I contacted Vyond about this matter or Fiverr wont like this?

Many many thanks for your valuable time.

Just link portion of Vyond TOS. Give me a minute I will get it for you so you can copy paste.

Copy this in report:

This seller is offering Vyond video services without proper licence as per Vyond TOS:
Vyond Essential Plan (Ad revenue only)

With an Essential subscription, you can post videos on ad-supported sites.

An Essential license does not include :

  • The right to remove or replace the Vyond logo
  • The right to sell videos to others

Vyond Premium and Professional (Ad revenue + video sales revenue)

A Premium or Professional license adds the following additional rights:

  • The right to replace or remove the Vyond logo
  • The right to sell videos to others. Each video that is transferred to a customer requires a $99 rights transfer fee. Contact us if you need to pay rights transfer fees at

You may not distribute Vyond videos over traditional mass media, such as terrestrial or cable TV, regardless of which subscription plan you have with a separate Broadcast Rider.

Vyond retains all rights to the Vyond platform and individual component parts. Your rights only apply to finished videos.
No right or license is granted to display or perform any Video (in whole or in part), over any of broadcast, cable, satellite television or subscription-based or pay-per-download over-the-top (OTT) platforms.

No right or license is granted to use the Vyond Assets in any way other than as part of a Video created using the Vyond Platform.

Subject to Section 13, the Videos may not be assigned, transferred or used for the benefit of a third party unless You have purchased a “Transfer Rights” or “Sublicense Rights” license.

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Really appreciated your help and valuable input.

I’ll make sure Fiverr would remove such sellers.
Once again thank you so much.

I’ll keep posted about it.

Great day!