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A seller, selling me one year hosting has scammed me

Hi, I hope everyone is having a great day. Someone recommend to me to get hosting on fiverr as it is much cheaper, so I did. It was this gig ************.
I paid someone a lot of money to build the site. I then created a Facebook page for the my site. Once I started getting traffic to my blog my hosting account got suspended, I contacted the seller he said he is working on it, but ever since then he hasn’t once responded to my messages. It has been well over a week. I have lost my site, I lost my content on the site. I lost everything. He is meant to be proving help. I lost a lot money nearly £1k because of him. I hate this, I like Fiverr, but he has really lost my trust on this site.

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Hello, it’s a bad idea to get hosting on fiverr or from anyone who has not been in business for hosting long term. Sellers who sell hosting come and go frequently. Anyone can sell hosting. It’s simple to do but they also go out of business all the time and leave anyone using their hosting without a website when that happens.

You really should tell customer support about this and ask for a refund.

Only get hosting from a hosting company that has been in business for at least ten years and has a phone number that is answered 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You need to be sure it’s been around forever and will be there, hosting your site, forever.


for that there are more secure companies, which also have super low costs where you can pay for a better accommodation without problems with the disappearance of the page. Sad that this happened to you, I hope that the comuniacarte with support can help you and solve the problem.

Thank you all for the response, I don’t know how I can contact support, also, I just want the site back so I can get a very recent backup of the site back so I can move hosting companies, this really annoyed me as if he did everything advertised I would have bought move hosting and a lot people to use him

If his hosting service shut down it is possible you won’t be able to get a backup of your site. Usually this is done while the site is up, making a backup at that time, not after the site is gone.

You would need to get in touch with the seller to see if it is possible to get a backup of the site.

It is also possible the hosting service will come back after he pays his bill but that is a slim chance.

To be honest, you should probably write off your site and learn from your mistake. You can complain to Fiverr, but they can’t get your site back. Really, this is a simple case of you having way too high expectations and possibly not being ready to launch a website in the first place.

It makes no sense at all to invest $1,000 building a website, only to scrape the barrel and invest just $14 for web hosting, (Assuming you purchased this sellers premium gig.)

Other than your own, this seller also has just 1 review. It is, therefore, unlikely, that you chose to buy from this seller because of their incredible reputation.

Lastly, each of your sellers packages states that “Terms and Conditions Apply.” Did you ask what these T&C’s were? Have you made sure to abide by them?

Really, all you can do here is learn from your mistake and move on.


Here you go:

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