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A Seller Sent Me Bad Quality Article, Yet Insulted Me



Am a Fiverr buyer.

Occasionally I do experience a seller not delivery to standard. And in some cases I let it go.

Few days ago, I ordered an article from a seller. Boy - it’s an understatement to describe the article as POOR. I immediately asked for revision, reminded him to follow instructions, yet the returned ‘modified’ was worse.

I then asked for cancellation… hell was let loose. He spewed derogatory and swear words on him, describing me a cheat and fraud!

I’d tried reporting this issue officially to Fiverr, but it seems this may not be possible. For you buyers here; how do you resolve a nasty experience of this nature?

NOTE: If there’s a solution personal that resolve issues between buyer and seller, am ready to send the said article for verification. Plus the inventive the seller poured on me.



dude bro did you pay with CC ? dispute the transaction with your bank , as goods not received as advertised , or something to that affect .


Sorry to hear about your experience. I would recommend not cancelling the order, because if the order is cancelled you can no longer leave a rating.

Here is the link where you can report them to Fiverr:

Fiverr Customer Support



First I don’t like to leave a bad rating.

Secondly I actually canceled and he rejected, and this happened about three times; each time replying with insults.


I’ve cancelled for about 5 times, each time he reversed it. Either heaping insults on me or telling me there is no Money back guarantee.

I’ve sent complaint to Fiverr support. They promised to reply back in 24 hours. I will update you guys


Hey , sorry to hear that this things happen , i really think that fiverr will help you with this if its exactly how you say it is. Good Luck


i also write articles and i am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. just be sincere with your ratings. Thanks


As usually… I am sure that the story has 2 sides. About the ‘’ insult’’ part , yes he probably was wrong,however asking for something extraordinary for 5$ …is an insult too.


I’m an article writer. Not all sellers are bad. I’ve had to cancel one order which cost me my level in Fiverr. Although I was demoted, I was happy that the buyer got satisfied. That particular buyer asked for a revision but his demands were beyond my ability at that time. I believe that everyone deserves some respect for their opinion if they are paying for the gig…


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