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A Seller should never have to Rate a Buyer...Ever

Long time lurker, but I finally have to chime in on the absurdity of the new review system.

If I walk into a restaurant and eat, then pay, and leave, why on earth would the owner of the restaurant choose to rate me? What do they have to gain by it? And even if I was a poor customer, why on earth would they ever risk giving me anything less than a 5 star rating without seeing my review of them? It would only make them look petty, as they have zero idea how the customer feels.

Who in the world at Fiverr implemented such a backwards system? A seller provides a service. A buyer then has a choice to rate that service if they so choose. Why on earth would a seller rate a buyer blindly with his livelihood at stake? We aren’t playing a game here. Many of us are working here as full time freelancers and paying bills. This isn’t a game. This is real life. We are feeding our kids.

It’s not rocket science. If a buyer chooses to review a sellers services then the seller should be given a simple opportunity to reply with feedback, not a rating. That’s it. Nothing more. It’s not hard.

Why is Fiverr making this hard? Have the people making these decisions never run a business?

This is so drastically backwards to how one runs a business it’s become laughable. If you are a seller and you are reviewing blindly just stop now. It’s wrong. It’s bad business. You are steering your gig into the ground by doing so. The only thing you can do is not respond since Fiverr has removed an important tool for you to manage your gig.

As a buyer recently pointed out, many buyers make purchasing decisions on how sellers respond to negative reviews in their feedback. So since we have no way to do this, it’s ruined that tool for buyers as well. This is obvious. We have all at one time looked at a review of a place or service we want to use and wondered what the heck happened? The feedback of the owner is paramount.

That’s the real world. That’s business. That’s life.

What we have going on here is so backwards it’s ridiculous. It’s so bad, that I have full confidence that Fiverr will soon fix it. It’s just that bad. The question is how soon will they fix it?

I just had a buyer order a digital product from me, he received it, then said he changed his mind and wanted his funds back. Problem is he has my digital product. I’m in a no win situation. If I cancel, he gets my product for free, and I get penalized for cancellation rate. Sounds great for me doesn’t it? Thanks Fiverr.

If I don’t cancel, he then can leave a bad review that I have no way to respond to? Thanks again Fiverr.

What Fiverr wants me to do is to review him blindly. What would I say? This is my livelihood at stake? I have no idea how the buyer feels. He may leave me a great review. How do I know?

The only thing we can do is quit rating and reviewing buyers…period. That’s the smart business move. Just let your portfolio speak for you until Fiverr allows us to manage our PR again. Until then it’s just a matter of if we can survive and keep our current levels that long.

I implore you Fiverr, to give me back the power to defend my business and livelihood!


I am with you and we have need awareness for this ridiculous by fiverr.
It’s so bad, that I have full confidence that Fiverr will soon fix it. It’s just that bad. The question is how soon will they fix it?

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Exactly, even tho I only received one bad review before, now I only rate buyers who gave me a tip, like that I’m sure it’s a positive review.

Fiverr please fix this mess.

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i agree more than 100% i dont know there is one saying. I dont remember exactly
insane are running asylum and treating doctor instead of patient.

you are own your own. I think they dig there heel on this one. It is too stupid idea to even exist let alone implemented for that long.
I think they decided screw gravity earth is flat.

I agree with you totally. You know I rated a buyer 5 star with full confidence I had received the same because we had a smooth communication, he requested for some changes which I did and said thank you, only to see his rating to be 3 star that he was not pleased, after rating him a complete 5 star. Fiverr these days is just handicapping the sellers to please buyers. It’s sad. Everyday I keep seeing changes that I can’t understand where that idea is coming from.


I think this is what Fiverr really wants. Either this or they got the idea for the blind review system while drunk.

It seems to me that Fiverr doesn’t care for the same patterns of basic user behavior online, which other businesses study to tweak their own strategy. Buyers assume that seller ratings of buyers are responses to reviews, just like on eBay, Airbnb etc. It’s simply what buyers expect.

Fiverr seems to not care for this. Instead, they are either trying to reinvent patterns of behavior which are unique to Fiverr, or simply don’t think things through.


We should wait and see if they rollback this change. In the past a lot of changes introducted have now been completely removed.

So, we should wait and I guess they will surely rollback this change.

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@creatorhub1 worth writing :star_struck:

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It very well could be. In two decades of freelancing I’ve never been stripped of having the opportunity to defend my services and reputation until now. I honestly feel like the people sitting around the conference table making these policies have never owned a business or have been a freelancer. I think they are just people who are reacting to specific problems with a large hammer, but they have no knowledge from in the trenches of being a business owner or a seller. They have no idea of the egg shells we need to walk on to stay in business. They also don’t view us as independent business owners. Which is half the problem. They view us as simple pieces of their larger puzzle.

They probably got a few complaints of sellers responding angrily to bad reviews and so they pulled out their hammer and broke the whole system. That’ll fix it.


I only noticed this new system the other day when I went to review a notoriously annoying buyer I occasionally have (in this particular instance he was alright but yeah). Anyways i was like “Wtf witchcraft is this that I can only see his review AFTER I review HIM??? What if he tells me I’m appalling and a joke and a mess and never do business with me but I rate him 5* great buyer thanks again.” This is a totally backward system and it can make a complete mockery of sellers in the exact situation I just mentioned. Fiverr needs to revert it to the old ways of yore, but then again it seems more and more these days they don’t listen to or take sellers seriously unless you’re one of the hand vetted ‘Pros’.


I would add that specifically the replies by sellers to reviews can do a lot to convince people to become Fiverr users (both as buyers or sellers) in the first place.
As they show a much more differenciated picture than all those Fiverr reviews (about Fiverr as a whole including the sellers the complainters dealt with) over the web on review sites.

Let’s assume… I heard of Fiverr and consider using it, I’ll do some research.

I see scathing reviews for Fiverr by enraged people. I am a decent enough human being to think there often are two sides to a story and take a look at the Fiverr site itself.

There, I can find some of the same kind of reviews on some sellers’ gigs but I can also find some replies on gigs that tell me ‘oh, so the sort of buyers who leave such bad reviews are people who tried to blackmail a seller for more free work, never sent the required files or instructions, didn’t reply to questions the seller needed answered to do the job, etc., well then I can risk to try Fiverr, as I’m not such a buyer’.

Now, if increasingly what I’ll find will be the same scathing reviews, but either with no replies (= ‘oh, the seller doesn’t have anything to say to that, so guess it’s true what the review says’)
or a 5* reply “Thank you for the order, was great working with you, looking forward to the next time!” to a 1* review that said “Awful work, didn’t deliver on time, closed the order after 3 days so I couldn’t ask for a revision. Never again. Do not order from this seller!!1!” which makes the seller seem like an analphabet because of their reply to that review? Okay, let me see, that article mentioned some other freelance sites, didn’t it…

The very least that needs to be done IMO is to not display the seller’s “reviews” of buyers in a way they look like replies.
Put them on buyers’ profiles where they belong if they are supposedly reviews.

But yeah, I agree with everyone who says there’s no need to review buyers in the first place (if a buyer does/asks things against ToS, they should be reported, and else, who cares). And we shouldn’t need to have to wait 10 days to see the review a buyer left.