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A seller sold me a "stolen" logo!

Hi everyone, I just want to share something happen to me today and I want to see what do you think.

I bought a service from a good rated seller which is a logo design for my dating website. After around 5 trials he delivered the logo that I liked. However, I noticed that he is not that professional and helped him to design my logo :confused: Which made me suspicious about how authentic is the logo that he delivered.

Anyway, I searched to the logo in google image and there was the surprise! It was used many times in different dating websites/events.
I already accepted the delivery and gave him 5 stars rating and now I changed my mind. I want to cancel the order or change my rating. What do you think? And how can I do this?


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You can’t change your rating now, at least not without the seller initiating it. You can and should report the seller to Customer Support. Tell them what happened, show them screenshots to prove it, and tell them that you do not feel the seller deserves the good rating (or to be selling logos) if he cannot provide original work.

They won’t report to you the results of their investigation, but they will look into it. They might or might not remove the review or take action against the seller. Either way, the complain will go on record which is important, and if other buyers complain too, the truth will come out and get things taken care of.

I noticed this after the fact so I am adding this to my post: You certainly have the right not to answer this but I was wondering why you bought a logo from another seller if you design logos yourself.

Thanks for your reply. Do you think it is a good idea to contact the seller regarding this before contacting the support team or it can be consider as a threat or something?

Regarding your question, I don’t design logos I just can use photoshop. I told him what I wanted to be added to the logo but he couldn’t understand or do it right, so I used photoshop to deliver my idea and asked him just to do the same in the original file.
As someone said before, knowing how to use microsoft word does not make you an auther :smiley: same for photoshop and design.


I see. As far as contacting him before, I wouldn’t suggest it. It sounds like he knows what he is doing and if he promised original work, it’s a violation. What you could do is contact Support, explain it to them, and tell them that you just want to let them know about the potential copyright issues but leave it at that. One reason to keep it light is due to you being a seller also, so you don’t want it to seem like an attempt to get rid if a competitor.

You can be gentle about it and still report it. If the seller really is using other people’s work and passing it off as his own, though, he’s hurting the people he takes from, his buyers, and the reputation of other sellers. That’s why I recommend reporting him even if he keep it low key. That’s just my advice as a buyer and a seller, though, I don’t have any special insight otherwise. :slight_smile:


Just to update this post, I have contacted the support team and they gave me my money back ^^


Glad for you!

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