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A seller that has changed their mind after purchase


Hi all,

I have a problem with a gig. I asked to have a website cloned. most said it was too large and they can’t do it. I was happy with that. I then had one person who said they wouldn’t clone it, but make it themselves and it would be mine. I told them the website i wanted, and they gave me a price of $850 to do it. I agreed and have paid the money.

Now for the problem,

This person has just said that they didn’t look at the website fully until now, They have said that there is a lot more work involved and want to charge me $8500 for the same site. They are happy to cancel the order if i don’t want it. I want the site for our agreed price. Anyone with a real business knows that if you under quote, you can’t change your mind later, you have to live with it.

Here is the issue with fiverr. They have a limited amount of space for complaints. All they seem to want to do is give you your money back. I don’t want that, i want what i have been offered.

Is there anyone that can help?

Thank you.


Hey Mark - I believe he has the right to cancel it and I think the kind thing to do is just agree. Sure, I agree it must be frustrating because you had someone tell you one price and then it jumped up significantly. Good luck getting the site cloned!


Executive summary:
Few free lunches, even on Fiverr.

Why? A seller is free to cancel if they find the scope of a project is larger than they are capable of handling. At least he didn’t wait 5-10 days, then tell you. Accepting a gig on Fiverr is NOT a binding contract that someone will work for you, especially if they figure out they are not qualified to do the project.

You can argue with them, but WHY? Then they will just cut corners, and you’ll end up paying someone to fix the mess later.

Plus there are points where it’s tough to tell the complete scope of a larger tech project until you dig into it. Most sellers aren’t going to spend a day or three figuring out all the details until they have the gig. (At least if they are smart. I used to be in tech, and I know all the little hidden things you don’t discover until you are into the first 10-30% of the project.)

When I was doing it, I’d charge a few hundred (or more) just to figure out the scope of a project like that. It’s very time consuming.

Clearly the seller should have done more homework first, but if most won’t touch it, then someone offers a low-ball, hard to believe price, it’s no wonder they back out after figuring out the real scope.

After looking at it and figuring out he/she was going to lose a bunch of money (or work 10x longer than they originally thought), why are we surprised they cancel?

If the site is that large, you are going to have to pay far more to get it done well. His $8500 may be out of line, but sounds like you’re going to invest a few thousand either way. Or find someone inexperienced who wants to work for the education value. (Good luck having a functional complex site if you book with someone inexperienced.)

I did LOTS of tech work previously, so I’ve seen the hidden complexity. When it’s working well, it all looks easy. It takes tons of work to make it all simple for the end user.

Some things are NOT appropriate for Fiverr, and if you do use someone here, find someone with a track record of success for those types of projects. Note that they will rarely be the cheap providers.

Best to you.


I don’t know where you got that idea. People change the cost of jobs all the time after the original quote.

He has a right to change his mind.

A quote is not the same thing as a binding contract.

And even with a contract, if you have not paid yet the other party can cancel the deal.



Let it go. Do research on what would be a reasonable charge for what you are asking. With the range in mind, find someone who will be happy to do it. You will be happy, the seller will be happy. The end. :slight_smile:


I did pay for it. That is why it is more frustrating.


I am letting it go as even if he if forced to do it, He would do a terrible job now. It just frustrates me that he said he didn’t realize what work I wanted. That’s the part i made clear, and paid for.



I agree with your first sentence. There is nothing more that can be done with this seller. :neutral_face: