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A seller took a screenshot of my art and is posting it as his own! Now what!


Some dude from Sri Lanka posted two pieces of my art on his site and is selling it as his own…GRRR! Is there a contact email to request a take down?? I suppose thievery is the sincerest form of flattery but…Argghhh!


you should contact to fiverr customer support they will definitely help you.


Huh? “The user account you are looking for is no longer available.” Did Fiverr take down the wrong account?


They did, but now I am back up… I cant believe this guy, he just joined Fiverr the other day and the first thing he does is steal some art…


May I ask — have you previously published your art elsewhere before he had sold it as his own? You could attempt by e-mail, this is a common problem for many, not just on Fivver but internet wide. If you are posting your art, ensure it is protected, either by posting it with water marks as well as putting notices that that explains its been already used elsewhere.


I just put this particular art up this week and it was only on Fiverr. I have never had this problem before so I wasnt sure if I should be flattered or outraged. Ha!



This has happened to me before :slight_smile: Don’t worry about it - I was really irritated at the time, but, if you send something in to CS then they deal with it immediately, more or less. Though, it looks to be dealt with! Glad to hear it went well!


How much was he asking for the gig? Wouldn’t you be surprised to learn that people will charge twice what you will for YOUR work, then buy YOUR fiverr gig to get you to do it? - I’m a writer here and this happens to me…I’ll go to a buyers site and see that they offer the same amount of words that I do, for double the price, and suddenly they’re buying my gig to write them an article the same length of words, for MY price. COME ON FIVERR… what the hell. If you’re going to allow sellers to purchase from sellers, at least have some way to account for credibility. I don’t want someone to take my work and RESELL IT ON THE SAME DAMN SITE. Duh. I could have just charged more in the first place.

Moreover, I have a growing concern with all the avenues that are available on this site for buyers to take advantage of sellers. I would really like to see these issues addressed and soon. With all of the money you guys are clearly pulling in from this site, it’s time for some REAL customer service. If I see one more freaking front page graphical interface update before we get some REAL customer service, I’m going to start losing my temper, and you are going to start losing my sales. Stop treating us like “oh we have 100 more of you” while trying to pat us on the back and make us feel protected. GET REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE PLEASE. There are even third party companies you can hire to help, I know, I write articles for them here all the time. Do SOMETHING. The list just keeps getting longer and sadly the heading still reads “Ways Sellers Get Screwed”


I always sign my work and have another gig for removing the signature.

You can do that to reduce the chances of it happening again.

That dude is such a jerk.