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A seller tried to knock me my ratings have taken a hit!

Right now, I’m not very happy.

Yesterday, I got an order on my lowest gig package for my best selling gig. It was for $200. Immediately I got that order, I had a really bad feeling about it. My instincts were right.

In the requirements box, the buyer put “Hy”

He went offline. I tried to contact him for up to 24 hours to no avail. Finally, he replied, and guess what? with a cancellation!

The reason for the cancellation was - “We couldn’t agree on the price”.

This got me interested and I immediately replied asking for the project details to see if we could discuss. I thought I could tailor a package to suit him without affecting the price and without cancelling.


Thank you for contacting me. Before we go the cancellation route. Can you kindly explain what you require and if I can cover it under the ordered amount?

I will be happy to help.

After I reached out to him, he said

"it’s my mistake to order you , I’m ordering my friend gig and same pic also attached on his gig , so please cancel this I wil give you 5 star

sorry for this mistake"

At this point, I got even more interested. I asked him to send his friend’s gig-link, but he refused and kept promising me 5 stars.

Later he started sending series of messages asking me to send his money and cancel it. I explained everything to customer support and they cancelled it.

Now here is the issue. I don’t have gazillions of orders, the cancellation has taken me down to 92%. I just became a TRS and I also just got my gig featured. 10 days to go.

That dude is obviously a seller, but I don’t fully understand his motive. I took it to CS quickly so they don’t accuse me of trying to manipulate ratings etc.

CS told me they are reviewing the buyer’s account and will take action but won’t disclose what their decision will be due to their privacy policy.


(Ps. Apologies for my spelling and grammatical mistakes. I typed this really fast because I was furious. I feel better now)

Time to double the hustle!


I am sorry, that stinks. Staff has been very clear that any form of attempted manipulation isn’t going to fly. You bet they are going to investigate this further.
Good luck for the next evaluation and congrats on the TRS badge.


Thank you.

I really hope I can cover up the cancellation and the rate doesn’t plummet any further.

I’m very optimistic about it. I only hope for the best


If you have an order with a nominal large $ 100 - $ 1000.
I am sure many cancellations from buyers.

Because they try not to pay after getting what they want.

My fiverr balance never minus $ 50 because buyer.

But I’m fine and doing business with $ 5.

It’s a matter of your choice

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That would really upset me if it happened to me. However regarding the cancellations I do believe that Fiverr is taking steps regarding this and investigating further. My order completion rate was below 90% and I was at risk of losing my Level 2 status but thankfully by the time my review came about I had a 90% completion rate.

Just after I passed that review I had to cancel an order and my completion rate dropped again to below 90%, I was so upset but now suddenly my order completion rate is 92% which doesn’t add up because I haven’t completed a huge amount of orders to be able to get it back up to there. I did contact customer support before the first review and they said all cancellations count but that they would talk to their developers about it.

My issue was that buyers were not paying attention to my guest post guidelines and sending me articles that I would rather chew my arm off than publish on any of my websites forcing me to cancel orders. Buyers were required to send me articles to check and approve before ordering but most of them hardly did.

To keep my Level 2 Status I have removed all those gig options and now only write and publish articles - there is no option for buyers to send me articles.

I hope this comes right for you! However isn’t a 92% completion rate good enough? It is 90% for a Level 2 seller… is it higher for a TRS?

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I wonder if his “friend” copied your gig?

Did you check to see if any duplicates are out there?

Really, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but sometimes thing don’t smell kosher.


It might depend on service, but I’ve had only 1 cancellation since I started offering gigs above $100. If someone ordered my premium gig I would not refund it. I would say either you can give me a negative review or talk to CS. I will not cancel it. Good luck getting your money back :wink:

If they are persistent enough they will probably get it back one way or the other, but they have to put some effort into it. With the new rules I will take a hit anyway(rating or cancellation), so why make it easy for them.


Exactly, a lot of red flags. The only problem is, I don’t know how to find gigs that are using my image.

I know some that copied my gig packages and descriptions. But I changed everything.

These people just make things harder. I have worked so hard to get to this place and it is unfair. Anyways, I’ve accepted my fate and currently fighting hard to come back.

I don’t have a great number of orders because I deal with high paying clients. However, I created a gig for portrait illustration to be able to increase the frequency of orders. This will help to reduce the impact of unavoidable cancellations like this.


So… Wanted to order from a friend (who possibly stole your picture, and maybe your gig description, too), and artificially raise their rating?


Exactly! And I had to suffer for their fraud.

I hope Fiverr deals with them.