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A Seller using my work to advertise their gig

Hi fellow Fiverrers!

I’m not sure if something like this has happened to you guys but usually from time to time I would search some keywords to see how well my gigs are doing and recently (a few moments ago), I’ve discovered that a Fiverr seller has been using my work to advertise their gigs! How cheeky is that?!

Have you guys encountered anything like this before? I’ve submitted a ticket to Customer Service about this but how did you guys deal with it? Did you guys send the user a message directly or would you let Customer Service wait until they do something about it?

I had other sellers copy my gig description so I changed mine. A lot of sellers would have probably taken a different approach, but you can always try to contact the seller first to see if they take it down before contacting support. Best of luck in getting this resolved ;).

Imitation is the best form of flattery–particularly so in some cultures. I’d just report to Customer Services and ignore them. They cannot offer your services in any case, as they have a different calibration of skills. There was a post last week on the forum from a copier who seemed to genuinely believe they had done no wrong from copying a gig.

As it is, these sellers need a quick kidney-jab to wake them up to the fact that this is a westernized market and follows western conventions, and imitation (aka plagiarism) is a no-no. I don’t really care if someone copies my work, but I’d report it for their own harsh benefit.

I was going to say your work must be pretty good for others to copy :slight_smile: In a sort of way people are striving to be you so much that they will imitate you. Of course an imitation can never be the original so it will back fire on the imitator.

Yeah, that´s cheeky.

Exactly right about that—it seems to be a thing that those in non Western countries feel is something they can get away with. Like so many things it’s extremely pathetic.

I wouldn’t say it’s a form of flattery when they are using it to get money…It stinks that that’s happened to you. Definitely contact Customer Service.

It is a form of flattery. They think that you’re a model of success. Can’t be helped that they have no clue in other areas, admittedly.

It can be a cultural thing in some societies where they feel copying others’ work is fine. But that’s wrong. Sadly it’s probably plentiful behavior on here, and you will not change a whole culture of people.
I remember paying a guy from India through another gig-site to design a website, and gave him the address of a website for design reference. He made an exact copy of that website including their copyright notices, etc and uploaded it with my company logo…Man did I flip out!