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A Seller's Cry: Scam Alert


I was scammed by a buyer last week on this platform. I did a job for him which he marked completed. But after 2weeks even when the funds had cleared, I got a mail from fiverr that a ticket was opened for me on PayPal by that buyer, my completed order was cancelled, not only that, without seeking my consent the fund was withdrawn from my account and sent back to the buyer, leaving me at loss and the buyer with a profit of my work. Please let sellers have their rights, without the sellers, buyers will come and find nobody to work for them. I hope this will be treated. Just sharing my experience. No bad feelings either.



This happen sometimes, buyer order the gig get the work then apply for refund with no valid reason and keep the work too with them. This has to be stopped now.


This is crazy. I would think that Fiverr has some sort of deal with Paypal, where paypal understand the kind of services offered on Fiverr and realize that some of these refund claims are unfounded.


Sellers and buyers should be treated equally. Because we both generates funds for the site. A bold full stop should be put to this act.


Unfortunate though this is, Fiverr does what it can to discourage buyers from doing this by suspending the buyer’s accounts. There’s no practical way that Fiverr and/or PayPal could investigate the validity of every refund request.


Chargebacks can occur.
Usually I can sense an issue with the buyer during the process, after which I will politely cancel the order.
Beware and stay vigilant, add watermarks. Try to be proactive to hopefully stop a crook in their tracks.
I’m sorry to hear your loss.

:bulb: Joe


I’m curious—how long after deliver can a buyer request a charge back from Paypal? 3 months? 6?


180 days/ 6 months.


There is no doubt that there are some bogus buyers in this platform and as any other systems there can be also loopholes and this is one of them, yes it may be frustrating for us sellers that our dedicated service is not paid however we must also understand that Fiverr cannot control this situation as there is a third party involved (Paypal) plus they are trying their best to locate and ban these bogus buyers. Moreover what we can do as sellers is to put more emphasis on this predicament and give more time for Fiverr to provide a best solution for this situation.


Wow that’s a crazy long time.
It’s going to be challenging thinking of money in the bank from Fiverr, as Monopoly money for six months. :unamused:


Seriously, this makes me sick to my stomach…So sorry this happened to you. I agree seller’s need more protection on this platform. Wishing you the very best…you have a great attitude about it all despite this experience.


lol… true.

But all money is indeed monopoly money in a sense isn’t it?
Think about it, we decided that a piece of wood is given a MONETARY value.

Hey if it was a mined mineral such as gold or platinum, that would make sense… :thinking:


OOH! Now I feel like playing Monopoly.
But only if I can be the hat.

I’ve been awake forever, so I’ll have to reread what you wrote tomorrow to understand your philosophical comment.


It’s sad that some are allowed to abuse the system like this, but I can’t fault Fiverr. The thing is, they can’t filter out good from bad. Perhaps through security measures like the upcoming phone authentication, events like these will be slowed.

Fiverr has to take the buyer’s side, to be honest. Even if it may not seem fair, I’ve learned that from a buyer’s perspective, it would appear grossly unfair for a company to take the side of a seller. Buyers en masse should not be punished for something a few people do. In my opinion, buyers should be more important than sellers. It’s hard to see that if you’re a seller, I know, but it’s all around us. Consumers really are #1, like it or not.

It was a hard lesson for me to learn, but there seems to be a lot of those lately. I’m really sorry about what happened to you. I got charged back last year, myself. Luckily it doesn’t happen often.


I heard about a case in which a chargeback was made after 3 years. So, who knows


Hmm. . .
Well I assume Paypal has clear TOS, so that can be checked.

In any case, hopefully in three years I’ll finally have enough savings so that a charge back won’t make a difference.

To put it another way, my goal is to have a few get out of jail cards saved by then. :slight_smile:


haha good luck, but be careful., A seller over here had a chargeback which left her account with an -$1000 balance.


Hello Joe, there was no fight, no arguments between me and the buyer. He left with a 5-star review. But I was very disappointed when I woke up to see the sudden removal of my earning.


Thanks for the cool comment.


@deluxewriting I’m starting to freak out a little. Was it a single order at $1k? And is that the order you were talking about that was charged back after three years?