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A Seller's Cry: Scam Alert


Yeah I saw that. What a terrible situation to be in. I hope she’s doing better since that happened. Some buyers/sellers on here are rotten to the core. Really it’s an insult to place them in the same category as ‘buyer/seller’. It really spoils it for the rest of us who play fair. I just hope that Fiverr ramps up security to keep these disengenuous users from taking advantage.


I am with your concept you told 100% truth.


Yeah! The new phone verification system will hopefully filter the scammers from the decent buyers and sellers.


I am looking that sometimes fiverr behaviour is very bad with seller.but we are a bigest part of fiverr please fiverr do your best with us


Hi! What do you mean by academic work? Like homework?


Yes, homework. It’s a big industry.


It’s like that in all categories. I see people asking for full illustrations, realistically done, for $8. I think these folks should pick up a pen and see if they can sketch out a realistic illustration, or write a long article. Not to mention that it’s frowned upon to request academic papers be written.


Yeah, some buyers want the whole world for $5. But there are some decent ones as well, who value our time and efforts.


This a horrible situation and there are a couple of things I want to point out.
Fiverr can fight chargebacks but they do get mixed results - submit a ticket to CS and clearly show you delivered what was asked for.
Someone mentioned @psychicbunny’s situation, it was a lot of money but she did in fact get all the money back thankfully.
Paypal do not make “deals” with companies regarding chargebacks. Apparently a big company is treated the same as a small company or individual and has to dispute chargebacks in the same way. There are as many complaints about chargebacks on other freelance platforms as there are here and some platforms even charge a fee to fight them.

I wrote a detailed post about it some time back which may be helpful.


That’s relieving news. Good for her! But yeah, I hear that chargebacks are common with ebay sellers, too. Not a whole lot can be done beyond submitting a complaint with them and being relentless. Obviously not worth it over $20, but it is on the larger orders.


The buyer after scamming me deactivated his account. I searched for his username but couldn’t find him on Fiverr. It was $80. Anyways, I didn’t complain to Fiverr since the buyer had deleted himself. I hope it doesn’t happen again. A policy should be made to protect sellers.


Fiverr will have deactivated the account. They do this immediately on receiving a chargeback. I would suggest you contact support and also have a read of the article I linked above. It explains why there isn’t a policy to protect sellers from this. At the end of the article, I made some helpful points for dealing with the situation. It happened to me too, $100 which I didn’t get back. Thankfully that was my only one out of 700 orders so far.
Best of luck with it and don’t let it get you down or put you off the site - bad people are not worth getting upset over.


As @eoinfinnegan said, the silver lining here that I didn’t realize back when it happened to me, is that it’s a rather rare occurrence. It may be hard now, but try not to fret too much about it. You’ll have a lot of other orders that will overshadow that one bad order. Believe me.


I think it is disheartening to read stories as such. Fiverr has a lot of role to play. I know the buyers are always kings, but a platform as this, have survived because of the trust both buyers and sellers have placed on the platform. Maybe a dispute committee should set up so it can resolved in two days max.


[quote=“benfreelancer, post:44, topic:114923”] I know the buyers are always kings, b

I take offense to this statement.

On 5r there are just as many complaints about sellers as there are buyers.


Also not to mention that there are female buyers as well… :rage:

So the proper vernacular should have been:

I know the buyers are always kings/queens


Pardon my grammar people. But we have to tell ourselves the honest truth. In every market place, the buyers are always queens, kings, princes and princesses. Also, in every market place, there are people who will always try to cheat the system and look for a loophole. Fiverr just have to come up with a stiff penalty to stem the menace.


Sadly, as in any marketplace, there will be bad apples on both the buyer and seller side. I think it’s unfair to blame all the failings of any platform on purely the buyers’ side.

As a seller, I’ve had a few dodgy experiences with buyers, and on every occasion, CS have been very good, and I have never lost any earnings because of it.

Equally, you’ll read stories on here of buyers having problems with sellers, so it does cut both ways!


Whatever . . .

I’m not going to argue with you if that’s how you feel about buyers. You have right to your opinion.

I’m a buyer and don’t like being told I act like a queen or a princess. I feel like that’s condescension.

I work with my sellers and treat them the way I want them to treat me. I don’t act like a princess.


Fiverr is a platform where sellers run their own businesses. Each seller decides how to treat buyers, for example. I don’t see my buyers as royalty, I see them as clients that I work with on projects that are in my skillset. If a buyer is abusive to me, I make a decision about how to handle it. That might include reporting them to Customer Support to have their accounts considered for closure, it might involve me politely notifying the buyer that I want to discontinue working with them, etc. In some cases I might refund but if I have done the work I promised to do, it usually means I just part ways with the buyer after completion.

Fiverr’s own penalties are somewhat limited. As a platform for sellers, the most severe thing they can really do is close an account. A buyer can create another account and sometimes they get the message and all is OK after that. A popular social media “star” has proven that if Fiverr really wants to stop a buyer entirely, they will block the IP address and any associated PayPal and credit card accounts. I’m not sure what else Fiverr could do at that point.