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A seller's perspective

As a seller i’m glad the Fiverr community has come this far. I remember when I was only a buyer I bought the most random stuff… :smiley: I have been working hard for the past week now, because i’m a pround seller and I knew it will get better and better each day, i’m so glad for the people who support me and my crazy adventure! I have some Gigs now about drawing and it’s my passion and I absolutely love the people who check it out and help me, i can’t say it’s been easy, I’ve started working harder and harder! Maybe check them out and you won’t be dissapointed! Thank you very much everyone and have a nice day. :slight_smile:


thanks for sharing your experience. hope for the best.


Thank you! I wish everyone the best on here and to you too! :smiley:


Thanks for sharing such optimistic advice. I hope that it will help us all. Thanks

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Thank you! Of course there are optimisic advices, because they are the best!! :smiley: