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A Separate Category under MFG for Writing Gigs

If possible, I think to have a separate category for Writers only (Articles, Stories, Proofreaders, etc.) would be extremely beneficial.

This would be an excellent category for the genuine sellers of these items to showcase/show off their writing skills/talents. It would give those buyers/lurkers (not logged in but :eyes: the forum) an opportunity to see what the writers really have to offer.

Unlike every other gigs here, writers must be able to write. Researching the gig pages do NOT give me an accurate summary of the writer’s ability. I buy tons of writing/editing/proofreading gigs here. I do realize there will be some growing pains as there are translators/voiceover artist among many others who also offer proofing as an add-ons.



I think this is a great idea!

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Perhaps the writers should use their skills to make their Title stand out from the usual My Fiverr Gig posts :slight_smile:

Not a bad idea, but it would have a horrendous amount of copy/pasted and nonsense material.


Actually, that is exactly what I would like to see. It would make it so much easier to distinguish great writers from the bad ones and the plagiarized ones.

Unlike illustrations, voiceover, whiteboard, explainer videos, cover designs, etc. we can’t actually see the delivered orders on a seller’s profile for writers/proofers/editors.

We can easily copy/paste a portion onto the search engine to see who is legit and who is not. :slight_smile:

How many different writers have you hired over the years?
I am at around a dozen or more but have settled on 2 that I use all the time now. We probably have very different projects but I would not be up for changing writers much, I like to work with the same people as much as possible.

I just counted and not including translators, I’ve used 28 writers: articles, short stories, poetry, blurbs and such. [ Edit: could be more, I didn’t count the ones from my old/cancelled account]

I like variety in the writing style, therefore rarely hire same person more than two, maybe three times a year. Some writers are better at certain genres or field than others.

I hired 3 people from different levels to write me v/o articles, the styles were so different.

I’m always on the lookout for another talented writer!

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That makes sense, for me, consistency is important as often it is on the same or similar topic.

Yeah, I will always bookmark someone on the forum who sounds like they can write! The people I use for writing are all people I first found on the forum.


Interesting. The only writers I’ve used were people I’ve met on the Forum!


I’ve used few from buyers request - hit or miss, 50/50, they end up being really good or really bad!

Most of my great writers came from forum. :slight_smile:

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