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A serious buyer who isn't responding


Hi guys,

a buyer ordered a gig from me with extras, we were communicating well but since 2 days before the deadline he is not responding, and were are now 2 days after the deadline. should i keep waiting him ? because as i say he is serious, or i should cancel and wait him to come back and make another order ?





Anyone ?


Reply to @kjblynx:

is it sooo bad ?

because as i said the man was serious, and i want to give more time, maybe until the end of this weekend.


I would deliver something just to meet the deadline, then the buyer can ask for modifications. I never go late!


My 2 cents… Cancel. Try to never let a gig run past the due date. He can always come back to finish it.


Don’t over deliver. I actually got work swindled out of me that way on my first gig here. Vague info and low communication return are signs of trying to get work for free.


Reply to @kjblynx: I wouldn’t say that’s delivering empty! She’s just saying deliver what s/he asked for and then they can ask for modifications.


Reply to @kjblynx: I didn’t mean deliver empty. I meant deliver what he/she could for now. I guess I was assuming the seller had some of the work available.


Reply to @tsweezey:

so maybe the best thing to do is to cancel the order and when the buyer comes back i ask him to reorder again ? is it good ?


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so maybe the best thing to do is to cancel the order and when the buyer comes back i ask him to reorder again ? is it good ?


Reply to @imadou: Here’s the thing. You just need to make sure they understand that you want their business, but that you have an obligation to make sure that orders are completed on time. And since you don’t have the detail you need to complete their request, you’ll have to close the order. But you can also tell them that you’ve already started on their order, and look forward to completing it when they are ready.

Cancelling an order doesn’t mean that you don’t want their business, it just means that you can’t fulfill the expectation (since you don’t have the information). You’ll deal with this again I’m sure. It happens to everyone.


Reply to @whitneymoorecs: You know, I can certainly understand your point, but I’m not sure I agree. I regularly over deliver. I think it’s part of moving up the food chain here. Getting taken advantage of is also pretty normal. I think we’ve all been there.

Once you get established, get people following you, and acquire some repeat business, you increase your rates, which results in more serious buyers. The higher your rate, the more serious the buyer. The less games you have to play.

And yes, you’ll lose business by increasing rates, but you gain revenue. It’s just a balancing act. And I’m not sure you can put yourself on that trajectory if you don’t over-deliver. In fact, I’d argue that a gig should be setup in such a manner than the customer always thinks they got more than what they paid for.

Just another angle to consider :slight_smile:


Just cancel. I usually give them 1 day after late delivery - when it hits very very late, I cancel.


Reply to @tsweezey:

thank you for these precious advices