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A serious issue with seller


Hey, I hope everyone is doing fine,

Its my second time buying things on fiverr and this time i really had a bad experience.

I did not want to post anything on the forum because I did not want to affect the seller, but I think this is the only logical way without directly contacting support which will directly damage the seller.

Moving on, I had a gig done for me for 52 bucks, I honestly thought that it was a reasonable price for a 4 document job.

In the Gig it self, the seller wrote 4 documents by 2 days.

I made drafts of the documents using online document creation tools, and he had to edit 4 documents.

The seller wanted to do it from scratch which I completely respected and loved,

Then the seller does not deliver anything to me on the next day (made a deal for 24 hours)

I ask him then he tell me he had family issues, which I totally get,

the next day comes, nothing, so I ask him, and he tells me that there is a problem with the account i gave him to access the drafts that I made (second or third day forgot), this means that he didnt even take a glance at my draft until this point.

I honestly was a bit mad, but I tried to understand him because of his family situation.

Then, he delivers ONE (single document out of 4) on the 5th or 4th day which is completely out of deadline, then I notice a few things that he did not do by the things I told him,

and I tell him to fix those things and turn all 4 in,

then 2 days later, which is already over the deadline of the deadline of the deadline, (so this author is really not keeping any of his promises) he tells me to mark the order as complete because this status affects his seller status, I tried respecting him so I did, and I also left a 5 start review.

Untill this point this seller is awesome, polite, and seems professional.

Then the next day he compeltely changes like a differnt person and tells me that he needs a month to finish this, and that I am being ridiculous. Then he threatens me here and there with few things, I start to get mad and worried, but I try to maintain being nice and being a civilzied person. (we had multiple conversation over personal methods, not fiverr). Then he tells me he cant do this unless I depsit a total of 100 dollars.

I think its jsut redicilous, I dont want to affect the author as in tell support and get his account suspended or anything,

but I need my 52$ back, because I recieved a unfishied 1/4 of a gig.

What is the best way to approach this issue?

The seller is ignoring me on both fiverr and personal messeging platform.

P.S At this stage I postponed meeting that needed this documetns multiple times, its a personal damage in time and trust between my connections.


Oh wow, what a long post, anyways thank you I hope someone can reply :slight_smile:


This was a big mistake! Unfortunately, you don’t have any other option than contacting customer support now. What the seller did is against TOS. I am sorry to tell you this but I think you were scammed. A big red flag is the fact, that he told you he needs 1 month to finish the work. Once when the 14 day clearing period hits, he will be able to withdraw his money.

For the future DON’T accept incomplete projects. You can always take advantage of the "Modification’ button which prevents the order from getting marked as complete.


Personal messaging platform? Communication outside of Fiverr is forbidden.

Basically, it looks like the seller tricked you into giving him a 5 star review before he delivered the work. I’m not sure whether it’s possible to initiate a mutual cancellation after the order is marked as complete, but I think that it isn’t. If I’m right about that, and the seller isn’t delivering, the only way for you to get your funds back is to contact Customer Support. You have 13 days after the order was marked as complete to get your funds back.


Short of the Long.

You want your money back?
-> Take screenshots of conversation and current delivery status and submit to Customer Support


You want to be nice to your seller?
-> Forget about your money.

Please choose only 1 OPTION. You cannot have both.

Good Luck :thumbsup:


I cant believe that after so much delay which already showed he is scam, you still trusted him and marked his order complete with 5 star review. Now do as djgodknows told you to do and for next time, be careful. When I started reading your post after few lines about his delivery ( family issue stuff), i got it that he is lying.




This seller didn’t give you what you wanted and scammed you. They weren’t giving you what you wanted even before you marked the order complete. Contact Customer Services and hopefully you will get this fraudulent seller removed from the platform as well as getting your money back.


This part here is a big red flag. He has not delivered the order and is asking you to do this (mark it as complete) as he knows he is toast if you do not accept it. You should not have marked the order as complete. This person has taken advantage of you and it appears from what you have stated above that you took the conversation outside of fiverr. This is not allowed either and you have made a mistake there.

This person is just taking advantage of you and if you give them another 100$ that is the last you are going to hear from them.

Contact support and make it clear to them you have been tricked by this person. Unfortunately though, once you mark an order as complete, you cannot cancel it on your side and you need to take it up with support to assist you. Definitely contact support though to stop them them doing this to anyone else


Hey guys, thanks for all the answers,
The seller was a highly reputed seller, so I didnt want to contact fiverr, but I did.
I still left him a messege that I am still willing work solve issues our between the two of us, and dismiss the ticket.
I think it might be easier for both of us, if I just pay the 100 extra.

Thanks guys.