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A Short Journey to Level 1

Hi everyone,
I joined in Mrch 2016, I didn’t know how to get work on it.
Then I got help fiverr academy and forum to read the tips of the Top Rated Sellers.
after study of 2 months , I created a gig and was giving offers in buyers request.
After 94th offer i got a buyer who asked me to make a logo which he liked very much and then he offered me to make stationery of his brand and gave me 50$ offer.
I requested him to give me separate order for each,
I will give you 10$ discount, which he accepted.
He posted 8 orders and after completion of each order he gave me review and a tip also due to which my 1st level was completed soon.

I’m thankful to for helping me to make some additional income.

A humble request to TRS,
Please check my profile (gigs) and point out errors.

Best Regards